I Am Happy For The Decreasing CoViD Cases Here In My Country

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It's unfortunate that I was included to witness this kind of global health pandemic event which in a way affected me in a good and also in a bad way. Good because there was this law or rule about my health insurance to cover my expenses for as long as there is a pandemic.

It just means that I will not have to worry about paying out of pocket everytime I would go for my dialysis rather than having to only use about 90 sessions per year. Actually it is not a major issue because I can still pay the remaining 12 or so sessions but dialysis is a very expensive medical therapy and it makes a big difference if I will be freed from being burdened by it.

I told my mother not to mind it anymore but she always insist to apply for financial assistance and telling me that it is the only thing that she can do that she can help me out with. As much as possible I really do not bother anyone about my needs and necessities, it is just some people in my life like my parents, my mother in particular and some of my siblings are selfless with their love and support that they can never just throw me out in the streets considering my health conditions.

Anyway with regards to this pandemic it made my life a bit harder especially when I would wear masks together with face shield and I have to wear it before I leave my room until I get back home. It is just difficult to breath with those on but at least I am getting used to them and I feel vulnerable if I would take them out when travelling to and from and inside dialysis treatment area.

But my real worry is about contracting the disease not only me but also my love ones especially that I know that it may very well cause people to die. Now I can't afford to lose some of my love ones, they are the only one that I got that is truly caring for me even though they are not rich and so limited in assisting me financially which is still okay for me because I am not dependent from them in that regard.

Now it seems that CoViD cases are lowering already, I guess that vaccination worked really well even though my government still have to vaccinate more than half of my country's population. But nonetheless it is already effective enough to improve the number of infections recorded per day plus the recoveries are also great in numbers particularly if one had been vaccinated and got the CoViD, they will not get worse and would recover fast.

But I am thinking that CoViD is here to stay, I mean we will still be required to get booster shots of the vaccines until I do not know when. But since things are improving already I also think that it might continue until finally the WHO will declare that the pandemic is over and I hope to see that event as soon as possible so that we would never deal with the new normal where everything seems to be there to hurt you like the real world that we live in today where you would think that everything is okay until it is not anymore.



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