The Four Steps to Being Fully Alive

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Intention, commitment, self-acceptance, and Feeling Fully Alive are the four steps in becoming more fully alive. Each step correlates with the previous one. Ultimately, the goal is to be a more authentic version of yourself. But how do you get there? What are the keys to fully living? What can you do to transform your life? How do you change your thoughts so that you are more fully alive? Let's explore the four steps together.

When you want to live your life with intention, you must engage your prefrontal cortex. Being fully present is different from living with intention, but both require the same amount of planning and foresight. While presence is a mindset of being in the present moment, intention involves planning in advance. A plan lays the foundation for what you hope to accomplish. Intention is a powerful tool in your arsenal, but it must be accompanied by the right tools.

For example, social pressures are enormous, and women especially struggle to live their lives according to their desires. This means that the pressure to marry and have children is especially intense. Women need to overcome internalized judgment about their bodies and their abilities. The same goes for men. Living with intention is an exercise in working within a set of constraints. By creating a clear intention and setting attainable goals, you will be able to achieve more and become more fully alive.

A Commitment to Being Fully Alive involves embracing life as a quest and living every moment in the spirit of adventure. Whether you're seeking the fulfillment of a deep inner longing or the joy of a new discovery, your Saggitarius birth chart will encourage you to embrace life with enthusiasm and faith in the fundamental goodness of existence. Jupiter in your horoscope can act as your guardian angel and luck, guiding you towards the life of your dreams.

Feeling fully
Having an experience of feeling fully alive is something very rare. For some, it may be a near-death experience, a moment of intense love, or a triumphant achievement. For others, it may be a feeling of 'zone' or of being on the edge of something. For others, it may be a moment during a thunderstorm, sunset, or electric, purple-gold light. Whatever your experience, there is nothing like fully living in the moment.

A big part of Being Fully Alive is learning to be kinder to yourself. While we may have moments of weakness, the good news is that you can build up your self-acceptance and be kinder to others. Writing down your goals, even if they seem small, can give you the strength to overcome any obstacles you face. Write them down during calm moments when you're not thinking too much about them. Self-acceptance will grow when you learn to embrace your fallibility.

The first step in self-acceptance is to develop an open curiosity. You can befriend yourself by acknowledging your experiences, even when you don't feel like it. Becoming more accepting of yourself can help you improve your relationships with others. You can learn to relate to others more fully when you're feeling good about yourself. By fostering a relationship with yourself, you can help others to become more open and authentic.

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