Online Think Tanks and Creative Genius Blogs - Are They Compatible?

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An Online Think Tank can be the genesis of creativity, innovation, and thought. But, how does one operate a think tank? Here are some guidelines for running a think tank:

Guidelines for a think tank
To be effective at running a think tank, the leadership must clearly state its purpose and guide the discussion. It is vital to lay out ground rules to make sure everyone on the team contributes equally. These ground rules should encourage constructive discussion, respect for each other's opinions, and an open mind. They should also discourage egos and follow a game plan. The guidelines for running a think tank are based on the best practices of running a business or creating a successful startup.

The first step is identifying the members of the think tank and defining the mission of the group. Think tanks are most effective when members are empowered to identify difficult issues and to make them a reality. It is important to identify and select members who are enthusiastic, committed, and respectful of each other's time. Identify members from multiple departments and disciplines to ensure a well-rounded team. Once you've defined the members of your think tank, you'll be able to recruit more and better think tank members.

Rules for evaluating a think tank session
Before running a think tank session, define its purpose. You will need to define the objectives and set ground rules for the discussion. Having a specific purpose helps keep the meeting focused. Try to avoid making too many rules, but it's essential to have some. Without ground rules, it's easy to get distracted. Identifying the desired outcome will help the think tank team achieve its objectives and avoid making mistakes.

Regardless of your goal, think tank meetings require the participation of diverse perspectives. Participants should be committed and focused on the mission. They should also respect each other's time. Oftentimes, the results of a think tank session will lead to a change in the organization. So, make sure you include team members from different departments or disciplines. Make sure they're well-matched with expertise and experience.

Guidelines for operating a think tank
In the beginning, you may be unsure of the best way to operate your think tank. A few general guidelines are necessary. First, make sure everyone understands the purpose of the think tank. Usually, this involves defining the mission and setting up ground rules. These rules should not be too formal, but they should promote mutual respect, free thinking, listening to others, and following a game plan.

During the think tank meeting, the facilitator must set the appropriate tone. These meetings should be facilitated in such a way that participants are fully engaged and focused on the mission. They should also respect each other's time. It is best to include members of different disciplines, departments, and cultures. After all, the goal of the think tank is to solve a problem, not make a profit.

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