Unforgettable and Powerful Egyptian Women

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Egyptian women have proven their power and ability to create change; and for that, they are the backbone of the Egyptian society. As an American woman, I greatly appreciate the dynamic Egyptian woman who has changed the world.
Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the Egyptian pyramids and stories about the life of Cleopatra. She was a determined woman. And still to this day, the Gaza Pyramid is so impressive. Who could engineer such a project? Was it the Egyptian women behind all of this? I wonder! If so, are they of superior intelligence over Western
women of the world? Hmm...just wondering!

Here are a few pictures of Egyptian women that I admire and hope you will too.


Sameera Moussa was a nuclear physicist and the first Egyptian woman to hold a Ph.D. in atomic radiation. Her goal was to make medical nuclear power affordable to everyone, and she organized the Atomic Energy for Peace Conference. In 1952, Moussa died in the US after her car fell from a height of 40 feet while embarking on a trip. There is a lot of conspiracy surrounding her death because the invitation she received for the trip turned out to be fake.


Dalia Mogahed was an adviser for former US president Barack Obama and worked in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership. There, she helped produce many policy recommendations that were eventually adopted by the Obama administration.
Umm Kulthum
The most-famous Egyptian singer and songwriter in Egypt and the Middle East. Given the honorific title Kawkab Al Sharq—Star of the East—Kulthum was known for her extraordinary-vocal abilities and her unique style. During her lifetime, she sold over 80 million records worldwide. The love for Kulthum wasn’t only due to her strong voice, but also due to the type of songs she sang. Although she started off singing romantic songs, she also had powerful and encouraging songs for soldiers, Egypt’s working class, and those affected by the wars to uplift the Egyptians’ spirit.

So, this Egyptian woman used her voice and talents to uplift the working class spirits. How wonderful is that? This Egyptian woman must love her country enough to encourage and support those men, women and children who make Egypt great. She looks like a lady of strength.

So, What is the Daily Life of an Average Egyptian Woman like?
Life in modern day Cairo, Egypt seems peaceful. Egyptians seem peaceful as they get up in the morning, go to work or school, have meals with their family and spend time with friends, much the same as your family does. Most people live in apartment buildings. Only the wealthy can afford to live in free-standing houses because space is difficult to find.

There are twelve years of formal education in Egypt and public schools are free. Education and most religious instruction comes from the family-this is where children learn about societal values.

Since the revolution, women have entered the work place in force. This is a result of the need for families to bring in more money in order to live, as well as the increase in women’s education.

Today, Egyptian women serve in all levels, as doctors, lawyers, scientist, and small business owners. In the 1950’s and 1960’s it was common to see Egyptian women dressed in Western clothes. But from the mid-1970’s, the Islamic dress has made a return, among younger women. Many women believe such attire protects them in the workplace. Men tend to be more respectful of women who are veiled because they are perceived as “off limits.” Even though sexual harassment does occur (but not as common as in the west) it tends to be directed toward unveiled women since they are thought of as “available”. Interesting!

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