Do You Have Any Excuses

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Hello My Dear Steemian Friends,


I've been blogging here on Steemit close to a year now. I haven't been consistent with posting one blog per day as suggested by @brandonfrye to be successful on this platform. There are many excuses that I could give. But mainly my full time job as a teacher keeps me so busy.

Still, I have excuses and I want to stop making them. I would like to post quality content daily and curate other Steemian's post. So, I devised a plan that I think will work for me. Maybe it will work for you too. Since I'm an early riser (5 a.m. my time) I will start writing posts and save them to a post scheduler. After trying to set up an account with Streemian with no success, it appears they have gone out of business. I'm looking for a new post scheduler that works well with Steemit. If you know of one, would you please give me their URL?

Why do I Want To Use a Post Scheduler?

In short, I want to pre-schedule my posts ahead of time, so that I may be consistent with my daily posting. Life happens sometimes, you know. If I'm unable to write a post one morning then my post scheduler will save me. Hopefully I can keep 7 posts prescheduled to insure that Im consistent with my daily posting on Steemit.

How Will I Curate Content


That's the easy part. After writing my post and starting my day...then I will curate content in short intervals throughout the day. Using my cell phone mostly, I can curate content on the fly. While waiting in a doctor's office for my appointment, or sitting in traffic would be a good time to curate content on my cell phone. Partiko or esteem is a great app for content curation.

I want to keep everything simple as possible.

While believing in consistency and providing quality content is the key to success on Steemit, I believe my plan will work. What do you think? I'll keep a daily journal on my progress and keep you updated on a future post.

Thank you for reading this post and if you want to see more like this one, then give me an upvote and follow and I will write more like this one.

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anniversary on steemit is coming soon? :)

im first to comment ! :D yeye

upvoted as well

it's me again @carolynseymour

really good content!

I haven't been consistent with posting one blog per day

Personally I think it's to much. 2-3 posts a week should be more than enough.

In my opinion it's best to spent more time building engagement than creating extra posts.

So each time whenever you post something, right after I would suggest to visit profile of all your most active followers and comment.
From my experience, those who read your comment will most likely open your profile and check your latest posts.

How Will I Curate Content. That's the easy part.

did you ever consider building list of your most engaging followers and then focusing on curation their content?


Thanks for the information crypto.piotr. Posting 2-3 times a week would be helpful for me. I will take your suggestion to build more engagement. Thanks again.