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Working as a teacher, I collect a lot of clutter. Things like free advertisements, food coupons, small gifts and gobs of paper. I like to file the important papers away for easy access when I may need them in the future. But still the pile continues to grow. The solution to this problem is to file digitally, which I haven't taken the time to do so.

Middle Class Americans are accumulating so much junk that's it's almost sickening to see humans displaying so much harmful greed to themselves. Wouldn't it be better to not buy so many material things and instead put the money in a savings account or other investment? I think so.


Yes, I know it's hard to fight the aggressive advertisers. They've convinced us that we need and have to have everything they are selling. Do we really have to have it?

What do we really need to live the good life in America as a middle-class citizen? Do we need 50 pairs of shoes to fit in?

Research has proven that excessive clutter in our homes causes overwhelm and anxiety.Thus leading to health problems. Just looking at piles of clothes and trying to decide what to wear for the day can tire a person out.

As a rule of thumb, if a person hasn't used an item or worn a piece of clothing in 6 months, it's time to get rid of it. Because most likely you aren't going to use it. There are yard sales where anyone can sell their unwanted items and help others and put a little cash in your own pocket. This makes good sense.

As for me, I like to donate or give away my stuff that I no longer use or need. The problem is, most Americans have too much stuff and it's hard to give away my things. Usually I'm too busy for yard sales, so I look for an individual to give to. After hearing about someone who has lost everything to a flood or house fire, I may get in contact with that family and offer them some of my good unwanted items. But last resort would be give to Goodwill. Most people really appreciate me for doing that. And I feel great for helping someone. I feel very blessed.

The thing is, having too much clutter in your space makes it difficult to find something when you need it. You waste time searching, get aggravated and stressed. Life has enough stressors, so why put more on your plate to stress over?

If you have to accumulate so much stuff, then why not organize it and keep it out of site. Live simple.

A simple life can bring you so much freedom. I'm careful about obligating myself to making promises that I can't keep. Even though I have good intentions to carry through, I don't want added anxiety in my life.

Will you consider living more simple and realize that having less = more? As I purge stuff from my life, I gain a greater sense of satisfaction. I feel like I'm in more control of my environment and myself. I can find things more easily when I need them for one thing.

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