Day 1365 | New Week Plans

in life •  4 months ago 

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

I started the year pretty well keeping a lot of discipline but the last couple days I've had somewhat of a setback when it came down to my food. I mainly used the 3rd vaccination as the excuse which by now is a thing of the past and I will get my act together and resume what I started. The goal is still to have a 6-9 month period just doing nearly everything right and have some kind of total body and mind transformation just by keeping up consisteny each and every day. I will be making a work-out plan on monday that I aim to follow.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedWeightDay Score
01 Jan00:0009:5010:4071.5 kg6
02 Jan01:0009:1009:5571.2 kg6
03 Jan00:3009:2010:3071.0 kg6
04 Jan00:3008:2009:1571.0 kg7
05 Jan00:1509:2010:3071.2 kg7
06 Jan00:5008:5009:3571.2 kg7
07 Jan00:0009:4510:2070.9 kg6
08 Jan00:0009:0009:3070.9 kg6
09 Jan00:3008:0009:0570.8 kg7
10 Jan00:3008:5009:3571.3 kg5
11 Jan23:4008:1009:4571.0 kg7
12 Jan00:0008:2009:0071.0 kg6
13 Jan23:0004:3011:0071.4 kg5
14 Jan01:0010:0010:5070.7 kg5
15 Jan00:3008:1509:1071.2 kg6
16 Jan01:0008:4509:5071.7 kg6

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