Why Do Mental Movies Rule Your Life?

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Mental movies are so called because, to the person viewing them, they create a mental scene that is very similar to a dream. Although the mental movies are usually short, in reality they last for a very long time. When you are having trouble with something in your life, the first thing you should do is go into a mental movie about it. This is because your subconscious mind will give you suggestions about what to do based on the mental pictures you are creating.

The reason why mental movies rule your life is because they provide you with a resource box for ideas. These movies are a collection of things that have happened to you in your past and as well as predictions about future events. In order to make these movies, you have to create your own mind reality. In other words, you have to create your own world and then fill it with as many mental images as possible.

When you create a movie in your mind, it is then referred to as a story. You create these movies from the inside out and in this way they cannot be deemed a product of your brain. In fact, most often when people rule their life with these movies, what they really are doing is just sending subliminal messages to themselves. By watching these movies, you will get a different insight into how you should act in different situations. For instance, if you are afraid of trying new things, you can watch a mental movie about it so that you understand how you should act when the time arises.

The good news is that the movies rule your life because the subconscious mind is connected to the conscious mind. What this means is that the movies are almost subconsciously linked to your decisions. If you keep watching mental movies and fill them with positive images of successful action, you will keep filling yourself with the same thoughts and feelings.

Another way that mental movies rule your life is through the old saying, "frames of reference." This means that once you start viewing a movie, you not only think about the movie, but about the character in it and what they might do. This is very similar to taking the time to build an overall structure for your life. You need to remember what things you like to do in order to achieve them. For instance, if you like listening to music, you can take the time to read some self help books on the subject or even write some music yourself.

By keeping a mental movie of successful action in your life, you will keep attracting more successes into your life. However, you must also keep in mind that there are two kinds of action movies: the kind that is based in reality and the kind that is made for entertainment. If the action in the movie is purely for entertainment, then you are probably just watching a cheap movie and not something that can actually help you achieve your goals.

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