How Can You Be Emotionally Strong?

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"How do you feel?" this is what my Martial Arts Coach would ask when I was a new student. "I feel like superman." This is a sign of a weakness on our part because Superman has no emotions. But how about you?


Do you think you are emotionally strong? Do you have emotions? Which emotions? We all have them, even supermen. The question is how strong your emotions are? Do you have enough emotions to make a difference in your life and to the world around you?

Does a physically strong person have emotions? Yes, but not nearly as much as a mentally strong person and not nearly as deep as a person with extreme emotions. A physically strong person has muscles and bones that support his or her body. An emotionally strong person has emotional needs that are a source of strength for them.

What do emotionally strong people have that most of us don't? They have empathy. They listen to others and they care about them. They are not quick to anger and they do not take the sadistic pleasure in hurting others.

What are some of the signs of being emotionally weak? Not having empathy. A lack of caring about others. A lack of listening. A slow walk as opposed to a sprint.

Are you an emotional strong person? Then, I challenge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Do I have the empathy, the caring and the compassion to care about others?" If your answer is no, then that is one more reason you are weak. You must learn to put these emotional needs ahead of your physical needs and find true happiness and joy in being a balanced person. Until then, you will remain weak, emotionally.

Is being emotionally strong a genetic trait? No, it is not. It can be learned and, through practice, one can become stronger emotionally. Some people naturally have more emotional strength than others. Through focused observation and self-reflection one can become an emotionally strong person.

Why is it so difficult for us to become emotionally strong people? We are taught to rely on our strengths. We are told that our job is to look after those who can't look after themselves. I challenge you to become emotionally strong people. Look after those who can't look after themselves and teach them to care for themselves.

As you start to care for yourself, you will find that you become emotionally strong. That is the great gift of Emotional Freedom Technique. This ancient art has freed millions from emotional suffering. If you want to get rid of emotional pain, then Emotional Freedom Technique is the answer. You don't have to live with emotional pain; you can learn to control your emotions today.

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