Status Report! - Operator - Make Booster Great Again!

in last-warning •  3 years ago 

Not very happy with the past 3 months of operation. @TheDegenSloth needs to pay more attention to running @Booster 100% serious. He is only entitled to an agreed upon percentage to run this bot for all of us, but looking at probe accounts we see that payout varies which raises red flags that our users and delegators must be aware of!

We hope this message reaches everyone who either use or delegate to @booster - if you have had a problem, please come to and talk to the community about your troubles so we can analyse the big picture!

Booster was set up from the start to be in the users favor, but lately reports have suggested that booster has been tampered with. Something we cannot accept since Booster is supposed to be the 100% accurate flagship envisioned by @fyrstikken who made @Booster happened and created the legit upvote-auctions market by pioneering it.

For @fyrstikken it is extremely important that Operator follows all the rules and keep eyes on task.

Also, @minnowbooster, @therising, @steembottracker - when you have the time, audit @booster, see if everything is running normal or if there is reason to do a deep audit and investigation.

FYI as a warning and a demand for perfection!

Sincerely, @fyrstikken Inc.
Owner of the @Booster account & main delegator (1 million SP) over many accounts!

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When will you send my refund? i still wait for 1 week

thank you, for your advice.i try my best.

Wasn't @inertia supposed to be running booster?

Will do as I noticed some strange things last week.

Please make booster great again