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Hey everyone!

As things are settling down a little bit and slowly falling into place with curation and supporting of other diverse communities that we are focusing on with OCD lately I finally found the time to start something I've been meaning to in a long time! First off I want to apologize to my girlfriend who got me a really lovely drawing sketchbook along with fineliner pens and a lot of coloring pens that I still am really inexperienced with due to lack of usage. It's been a crazy time the past few months and even before that as we were approaching the bottom and no one was sure of anything. Although I still plan on drawing by hand more and over time dare to experiment with coloring as well I also wanted to start doing some digital drawing as I've been meaning to put some of my random ideas I have on a daily basis into comics. There's a lot happening here daily and a lot of unique things that could maybe be put in a fun way into some comic sketches and since my camera on my phone is still pretty broken and I don't have a scanner I'm going to need to digitalize it.

The same girlfriend recommended me Krita which is a free tool for painting and drawing similar to photoshop/gimp. The name is swedish and since the gf recommended it's good for newcomers I thought I'd give it a try!

As I was downloading it I noticed this in the upper corner


and looking at the payment options for donations I was disappointed there was no crypto option. I mean yeah donating $10 with Bitcoin is kinda "meh" since the fee would probably be pretty high but wish they'd be open to alternatives. Maybe we can spam their twitter to make the consider Hive? ;)

After downloading it (was around 300 mb big) I installed it and was greeted with this on the first open:


Now comes the fun part, learning everything! I don't even know where to begin as a complete newbie who's only used mspaint in the past but it's going to be fun nonetheless. I might post about it or record some videos as I go along and upload them but for this first post I kinda focused on the donation payment option and was wondering if we can do something about that!

What do you say, Hivers? Should we tweet to them and ask them if they'd be willing to accept Hive as donations? I've heard about this software from before as well so it seems they're pretty popular, seeing the low amount of donations in a month during covid when there's so many stuck at home and probably in the same situation as me where they want to try something new is kind of disappointing. I'd wish to be able to donate to them without having to go through the fiat route at least.

I'll tweet to them and if you want you can like and retweet so it gets some attention, would appreciate it!

Until next post when I'll take some more time to look around and maybe even dare going for my first sketch!

Tweet will be in the comments!

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It's okay there are artists have unused sketchbooks collecting dust too(my friends and I included//no) Never used Krita myself but good luck in learning it!