When Shelly? Shelly Now!

in kr •  2 years ago  (edited)

Cardano founder and CEO has announced that the era of Shelly has commenced.

The implementation of Shelly means that ADA has gone from a Federated system controlled by a few nodes to system that has the potential to be operated by millions.

Cardano has been in the works for around five years. In that time most investors diplayed symthoms of weak hands.

A decentralized network is near impossible to be taken over by a Shit coin black hole. As we have seen when a network is operated by a small number of block creators it is possible for someone to attack the network by buying an overwhelming amount of voting power.

During the testnet Cardano had around 300 live pools minting blocks. The network can be processed by far more than that.

The delegation process is simple and the minting rules keep any one pool from gaining control of the network.

The goal of Cardano is to become the worlds financial operating system by not only having fast settlement for their transactions but to also be highly programmable.

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