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Justin Sun now owns (Edit: ) 150% more active voting Steem than everyone else put together.
Justin Sun IS the Steem Community. No one else matters.

Hope you realize @ned has just given you the finger one more time. How long are you going to hold on now?


Remember this Steem we're talking about was ninja mined. That has to be treated like stolen money and Ned and Justin are the criminals who stole it. What are you going to do? Every person who actually earned Steem from posting content or bought Steem so they can upvote are the true victims. Most of the witnesses are criminals too because they knew all this. But because of greed they did nothing.

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Except, Justin actually bought his stake. lol

Do you KNOW that? I am not so sure. Crime is rampant now days.....this is the wild wild west of Tech.......... so anything is possible until I see the signed, notorized, filed document.

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Did he buy it with YUAN or TRON?

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Whats stopping @justinsunsteemit from making 20 witness accounts. As soon as he has the other witnesses in line he slowly votes the new witness accounts into power. Then he controls this fake de-centralized platform behind fake steem identities?

It's all been talked about.

And I doubt @ned is the type that would do freebies.

You know me better than anyone else here. I just care too much and hate seeing people I love hurt!

I know that feeling.

But for me, I am in with money I'm willing to lose.

5 k loss for us because of steem we purchased. Were moving on but still care about our friends here and want them to do well.

Well, if the outbreak is serious, I think we are out of luck either way.

Better get more ammo, food, and water.

Ill focus on beans and tools. I would be ever able to kill another man Its against my faith to even curse another. I have to learn how to love my enemies more.

He fenced the stolen property of all of us.

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Kind of.... that would be the implications if the ninja mined steem is not legal from the white paper standpoint. But only a giant boatload of lawyers and a pile of money will ever
unwind this.

The witnesses seem to be doing a good job.
It may be ugly, but it beats waking up tronned.
We are our own thing, Ned can't sell us.



20% of existing Steem is not a majority share in anyone's math.

Existing and active stake are kinda different.

they are .... it's estimated that he has about 20% of existing stake and 30% of active stake assuming you refer to active as being staked here on Steem and not sitting at the exchanges. Based on what is in the frozen accounts they have total of 73million.

Active voting stake.

The current top witness has almost 89K MVests in votes at time of writing. We can round it to about 45M SP.

Justin Sun had at least 70+M SP at his disposal.

I would say he easily has majority in most voting situation.

yes he can outvote the next largest stakeholder .. who in turn has been able to outvote everyone else until now .. since Steemit Inc aka Ned had agreed to not use their stake.

Being able to outvote and holding 150% more stake are two different things. He has the largest stake and single vote ... but the rest of the stake can band together to outvote him ... so he doesn't have the majority.

Let me try this again.

ACTIVE voting stake. I'm not going to spend any more time trying to explain the difference between stake that's participating in governance vs idle stake that's not doing much and is obviously larger than STINC stake.

ALL stake voting on witnesses is active stake ... what I said stands .. he can outvote on a one to one vote ... he can't outvote if all active stake bands together and outvotes him ... he doesn't have the majority

70 > 45.

Try again.

They ain't active if they ain't voting.

Stop. This is absurd as the other time when you clearly didn't know what the hell was going on with @livinguktaiwan being downvoted by @transisto.

have you done the math yourself? I have not.

yeah actually I have on the existing stake that coinmarket claims Steem has .. it actually comes to 19% ... any other questions?

existing stake coinmarket cap claims steem has? you have no fucking clue what you are talking about, as always, one thing is steem tokens, another thing is staked tokens, and another thing is staked steem actively voting witnesses, and you have to add to that how many wits that stake is voting. Get a fucking clue, then talk.

Then why the SF

Because she has trouble understanding that the current stake that's actually voting for witnesses is much smaller. @blocktrades has about 45M SP voting for him and he's currently #1.

Let's see, Justin has over 70M at his disposal. I wonder who wins outright unless some magical awakening of the sleeping 200M SP happens.

Exactly why I have always told every one it is not and will never be de-centralized. It is a private company.

seems you're so busy being an arrogant dick that you're unaware that this situation has more people than ever voting on Witnesses and watching closely what is going on.

I recall @yabapmatt had over 90K Mvests voting for him at one point.

So stop pretending you are the only one actually keeping track of stuff.

this conversation ended when you showed yourself to be an arrogant dick ... there is no value in wasting time on the likes of you

because of what enforcer and I have been talking about ... he can create havoc by voting in his own witness choices leaving everyone else having to combined forces to outvote him ... he could also decide to collapse the stake by selling it off for what he could get and smashing the price ... the witnesses were not willing to wait to see what his intentions are

I have concerns about the SF .. but I get why it was done.

What about US Code, it is a United States corporation. There is more than just ideals that have to be considered. Only the law matters.

Hi Stan, "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you would like to have"
I hope you understand what I mean.

I agree. I dont think this is fixable.

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