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Short Note to my Followers

I am in the process of moving 90% of my activity over to the Hive Block Chain. I will still be on Steem Block Chain also but primarily in a support function only by voting for content and authors that I enjoy and have enjoyed in the past.

I may still post on a very limited basis. I do still use steem block chain for fun and am currently enjoying a text based game. I do not post very often on the HIVE chain either, but I do comment a lot more frequently there.

I will not be leaving as many comments on the steem block chain. I have never been a fan of centralized social media sites, steem had it's issues with down votes, and bullying, but they were being dealt with and coming under control,

With a strong competitor, I am hopeful that Steem will one day take a look at how this split effected people, how the changes and progress along the two roads have fared and that lessons will be learned on both chains.

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Have a witness !BEER

I think you're in the majority at this point, with the move... It 'is' pretty tough trying to work both platforms at this point unless you're just reposting stuff from one site to another like I see many doing.

Maybe 'I' should start doing that too...??? They 'are' two different entities now.

I have seen that also, It is something I wont do, I don't really have a lot of stuff to cross post. It is no different than people sharing their YT, Facebook, or twitter post, I'll still be voting during my power down and even after since I did not do a full power down, I still think things could change, unlikely, but they could.

It is no different than people sharing their YT, Facebook, or twitter post,

I agree, that it is 'similar' @bashadow, some do it for reaching a wider audience just to get their opinions/message in front of more eyes... For 'others', it is strictly 'business' which I have no particular problem with, in general.

What problem I 'may' have from some of these peoples actions stem from what appears to be 'purposely' milking the reward pool for monetary gain, while offering 'little' in the way of return to the general community at large, percentage wise.

(I must emphasize 'appearing', since I don't live in their heads and am 'not' an 'insider' privy to information that could possibly allow me to understand perhaps better and hold a different view)

Best wishes to you, friend...wherever life takes you, or 'beckons' :>)

Thank you, I will be a bit less active on both platforms, and Internet in general, spring is almost here for Alaska.

Well...Enjoy whatever you decide to do once the weather permits.

Good Luck...

I never really saw the bullying and down votes being dealt with.

There were a few groups trying to solve the problem, but most of the problem was steemit inc funding them via delegations.

I do still hold hope out, and I do think both sites can grow, but it is something that we will just have to wait and see about.

I'm probably following what you're doing here soon'ish. Just gotta grab some time to sort stuff out and finish a few other home based projects. I may keep things where I can still cross chain post though. For instance I haven't powered down yet as I'm watching to see where this goes. But I'm probably going to be posting on the Hive chain from now on.

With spring finally arriving in Alaska, I'll be a lot less active on Steem, and a little less active on Hive possibly, so it was a good time for me to try and break away, I am not doing a full power down, I'll still have close to 800 SP, just in case things turn around on steem.

@bashadow, good to see you're still around on here. I've been posting some blogs outside of Steemit. I then started posting on It appears I somehow have a Peakd account which baffles me somewhat but appears to be a part of the hive blockchain. Any good articles you can point me to walk me through switching over from Steemit to Hive? Or something to clear the haze? :-D