New Journey Of EWC

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New Journey Of EWC

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Good evening you and how are you doing today.
I am taking this moment to tell you about some changes coming to the platform.
Right now with many changes happening. I like to make the announcement of a name change to the platform.
i am changing the name to Exciting World of Content.
Of the name of Exciting World of Cryptos will be used still it will be a sub name of specific content made.
Exciting World Of Content direction is to be a platform that be of useful to all content creators.
Exciting World of Content will often pay attention to all the types of content being created in the entire spaces you find and various video platforms and social media.
The Exciting 5 will be continued and applied to all involved.
I will soon in the future as part of my content created. Will have a weekly and monthly video showcasing the best highlights presented each week by various content creators.
Some of the videos presented will be best highlights from various people in the cryptocurrency space. Also I will be looking at content from other subjects as well. Such as anything involving the outdoors and athletic activities. The goal is to help showcase and bring more attention to various content produced by all those involved. I will still be doing content related to cryptocurrency. Also I will produce content in other topics as well.
Viewing content. I will be covering many topics.

As part of the goal of Exciting World of Content. Will be here to help support all content made by everyone. I will be watching videos on various platforms and always leaving comments and subscribing to channels. This is part of vision to help others get more promoted and supported in their journeys. You have always made great content and I feel I will do my best to offer that support at all times.

The Exciting 5 Scout will always be on the lookout. I will be at times taking some of your best moments from your content and making a collection video of that to be shown to the entire community.

More less creating a greatest hits each week and each month on various topics of creation. Each month and week I will have a list of the Exciting 5 Content Creators to be shown. To show off some of their publications done for that month.

Based on content done through specific interviews, information, new projects profiles and a

specific achievement or award given.

Videos usually on a 5 minute segment as in the Exciting 5.
I will be profiling anything done by them that time period that could deserve extra exposure, such as an interesting quote, interview project made, or anything else that be of great interest.

I really hope that you will be part of this content. I always felt that you did create some of the best content out there at all times. I would like more people to see some of your content and have your platform grow. Thanks again. I really look forward to seeing all your amazing content you are making. It is some of the best in the community at all times. See you soon and happy creation.

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