[Announcement] Reward system based on staked JJM

in jjm •  2 years ago 


Dear JJM holders and users,

it has been some time and a lot happened in between on the Steem blockchain. A lot of services are not anymore available and as always mentioned the current voting service for JJM holders has been stopped since the last hardfork.

We have now implemented the staking function of JJM and staking and unstaking would be based on the same logic as Steem. (4 weeks unstaking)

Based on your taking you will be able to receive rewards based on the following data.

JJM Staked QtyYearly Interest
under 1000%
over 500,00013%

Based on your stake you will receive JJM as reward on a daily base. The reward service is currently in preparation and we will announce it as soon as the system itself is going to be ready. There is also more in preparation for JJM stakers, so keep your eyes open!

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