7 Years Sober This Month + Discussing My Journey in Alcoholics Anonymous!

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Discussing 7 Years Sober This Month + Discussing My Journey in Alcoholics Anonymous in my newest video!

Bio: I am a spiritual teacher and pro gamer streaming live daily on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield/ with 7 years sober, a wife, and two children. See my life story in 10 minutes at https://jerrybanfield.com

Jerry Banfield

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Saw it earlier on YouTube looking good on Steemit

how are you dear friend @jerrybanfield good night
Accepting the situation is the first step, sharing the experiences of overcoming is the second step, maintaining sobriety in time is the success that one seeks in this situation
Congratulations on what you have accomplished
have a happy start to the week

Hy brother how are you

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@jerrybanfield, saludos amigos desde venezuela

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See you there ...

Good afternoon friend @jerrybanfield, I wish you are well as well as your family. I was absent without being able to publish because where I live in Venezuela there was a break in the optical fiber of the company that supplies me with the internet, but yesterday the problem was solved and I was able to continue publishing, I want to continue counting on your apollo friend. Receive a big greeting from the island of Margarita Venezuela.