My Introduction post for steemit

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This is my introduction to steemit and my 1st post, my Dad @kiwiscanfly got me my account last night and is helping me set it up.

Ever since i can rember Dad always is going on about steemit so i want to join

Hear is a picture of me as part of my post - my name is jacob and i live in new zealand with my sister mum and dad + cat


I like playing minecraft and roblox, i use scratch an online program for coding.

Here is dad and me he is holding the chicken costume head that he wears - loopy :/


my friends and me play Roblox online against each other and i have a youtube chanel

i hope to meet other people who play minecraft or roblox on here

Annotation 2020-08-10 155800.png

i made the graphic above


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Hi @kiwijacobgo welcome to steemit, enjoy it..!

Thank you

Annotation 2020-08-08 194020.png

Hello @kiwijacobgo ! It's good that you're on Steemit, so you can share a lot with your dad how fascinating this virtual world is. I'm @mariita52 by the way and I live in Venezuela, I only speak Spanish but I used a translator to give you this message.
I took a Scracht course on Coursera and learned how to make some letters with moving balloons, I love that color block system, it's incredible.


Welcome to Steemit little kiwi



welcome on steemit ....

Thank you for the hello

Good man see it was easy...ish

go to bed 👮‍♂️
you can check on this tomorrow



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Welcome to Steem Community Young man,Congratulations on completing your task on Achievement 1: Introduction through Verification. Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 2 : Basic Security
See you soon!

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