# Introducing @smartvote, the Steem quality content upvote system

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Hello Steemians, we are excited to introduce you to SmartVote, a new SP delegation-based content upvote service. SmartVote service has been designed for quality content creators who are willing to submit posts or comments on a daily basis. It will allow you get the best of your voting power.

SmartVote Services Banner

The SmartVote team is composed of Steemians who love and believe in Steem. We want to work on the long term and help improving Steem by giving incentives to quality content creators. By providing with a simple and reliable way for content creators to get return on their effort, we are hoping to make Steem even more attractive to not only retain existing users by also bring new bloggers in.

SmartVote does not target just Steemians with a large wallet, we also want to help Planktons and Minnows to grow into bigger fishes. So our entry SP delegation amount is very accessible (more on that in the the min/max section below).

The concept

The SmartVote system works via SP delegation from its members and combines the received delegated SP to provide a return the form of daily upvotes on your posts or comments at 10x your delegate SP.

The rules

These rules are created to protect both parties involved and to promote better content to the Steem blockchain and add value to it. The major rules to participate in the SmartVote community are:

  1. Quality content: single photo, short posts, plagiarism, copy/pasting, spam and scam posts are not allowed.
  2. Violence, self-harm, politics & political opinion, religion, nsfw and drugs are not allowed.
  3. We won’t allow transfer of your vote quota to a second choice if you don’t have any posts or comments during the day.
  4. SmartVote reserves the right to refuse members that don’t meet those criteria and stop upvoting existing authors breaking them.

Get rewarded for quality content

Quality content

Our aim is to help Steemians grow on the Steem blockchain but also to add value to the blockchain itself. This is why, we will require posts and comments to meet certain quality criteria.

In order to be selected for a daily upvote, your content must meet these minimum requirements in addition to the rules above:

  • Posts have to be at least 170 words long
  • Comments have to be at least 10 words long and related to the post they are added on

The process

We wanted to make this service as simple to use and as safe as possible. Here are 5 simple steps to receive upvotes from SmartVote:

  1. Delegate an amount of SP (see the min/max section below) to our @smartvote account and you will receive in return 10x of that SP as daily upvote on your posts or comments.
  2. We will start to upvote your posts or comments every day at 12:00 AM (Midnight) EST, upvoting for your oldest (up to 5 days old) content first.
  3. If no eligible (see the rules and quality content sections above) content is found, you will not receive any vote. Unused votes cannot be accumulated for later use. Left-over SP from unused votes will be later used for Minnow Support contests to encourage community growth on the platform.
  4. The bot will not leave any comments on your content.
  5. At any time, if you are not satisfied with our service, you can simply un-delegate and take back all your SP. You have full control and nothing to loose.

Taking a break

One of the recipes for success on Steem is: quality over quantity (write less often but of higher quality), dedication (keep up with the good work) and engagement (don’t be a lonewolf, socialize, comment on other’s posts, reply to comments on your posts).

But there are times when you might need to take a break and won’t be able to write content for an extended period of time, you can choose to switch from daily upvotes to daily payout mode (see the list of transfer memo commands further down). In the daily payout mode, you will receive daily transfers of STEEM into your wallet at a rate of 13% per year (see details below).

The return On Investment (ROI)

SmartVote is offering one of the highest ROI from your own Steem Power (SP) in comparison to other similar services on the Steem blockchain.

Smartvote Daily Content Upvote.jpg

Daily upvote on your content

For every SP you delegate to the @smartvote account, you will receive one daily upvote at 100% vote weight from a vote power equal to 10x the delegated SP.

For example:

  • If you delegate 75 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 750 SP.
  • If you delegate 200 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 2000 SP.
  • If you delegate 500 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 5000 SP.
  • If you delegate 1000 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 10000 SP.
  • If you delegate 5000 SP, @smartvote will upvote you at 100% weight with 50000 SP.

To help you estimate your ROI, we have built the SmartVote Calculator

Smartvote Daily Steem Payout.jpg

Daily payout of STEEM your wallet

If you need to go on holidays and are not able to post any content, you can choose to switch from daily upvotes to daily payout. Delegate some SP to @smartvote to help us upvote quality content on the Steem blockchain and get rewarded at a rate of 13% per annum relative to the amount of SP you have delegated.

For example:

  • If you delegate 100 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.0356 Steem daily
  • If you delegate 200 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.07123 Steem daily
  • If you delegate 400 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.1425 Steem daily
  • If you delegate 500 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.178 Steem daily
  • If you delegate 1000 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.356 Steem daily
  • If you delegate 5000 SP, @smartvote will pay you 1.78 Steem daily

To help you estimate your ROI, we have built the SmartVote Calculator

How to delegate to @smartvote

Head to SmartVote Delegation tool: https://smartvoteservices.com/delegation.html

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.02.48 pm.png

Enter your Steem account in the Delegator account field and click on the Load button.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.03.06 pm.png

In the Add or Update Delegation pane, enter smartvote as delegatee, enter the Amount in SP you want to delegate and click on the Delegate! button.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Minimum and maximum SP to delegate

We are hopping to create a quality service that can be sustainable. So as the SmartVote community is growing, we will need to support all the members and manage to still upvote existing members to the value of their delegations. This is why there is a minimum and maximum amount of SP a new member can delegate to the @smartvote account. As we are trying to be flexible, if you are willing to delegate an amount outside of this range, please contact us on Discord and we will try to get to an arrangement.


Minimum amount of SP to delegate = 0.1% of @smartvote total SP.
So if @smartvote has 75,000 SP, the minimum to delegate is 75 SP.

Minimum amount of SP to delegate = 25 SP


Maximum amount of SP to delegate = 11% of @smartvote total SP.
So if @smartvote has 75,000 SP, the maximum to delegate is 8250 SP


SmartVote transfer commands

You can set your SmartVote membership preferences by simply making a 0.001 STEEM transfer with the following commands in the transfer MEMO:

  • daily upvote all: this transfer MEMO command will enable a daily upvote on your posts and fall back to your comments if no posts are found
  • daily upvote posts: this transfer MEMO command will enable a daily upvote on your posts only, if no posts are found then you will not receive any upvotes
  • daily upvote comments: this transfer MEMO command will enable a daily upvote on your comments only, if no comments are found then you will not receive any upvotes
  • daily payout: this transfer MEMO command will enable a daily payout. You will receive a daily transfer of STEEM to your wallet.

How to get more from SmartVote

Increase your daily upvote value

Until December 1st 2018, help us get the words out and get rewarded with higher upvote values.

By using one of the following methods, add a footer to your post or comments and we will increase your current upvote weight by 20%. For example, if your current upvote weight is 13%, by using our banner or footer you will get 15.%.

Footer for a post
Use the following Markdown code at the end of your posts:

[![Member of the SmartVote community](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmUADGGSzNGWf2eUyT51vMRSuYtmX76Lc5u68acHiBKhPY/SmartVote%20Banner.png)](https://steemit.com/@smartvote/introducing-smartvote-the-steem-quality-content-upvote-system)

This will add the following banner:
Member of the SmartVote community

Footer for a comment
Use the following Markdown code at the end of a comment:

<sup>[Member of the SmartVote Community](https://steemit.com/@smartvote/introducing-smartvote-the-steem-quality-content-upvote-system)</sup>

This will add the following footer:

Member of the SmartVote community

Contact us

If you would like more clarifications please contact us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/nGkEtAc. Alternatively, you could also leave a comment on our posts, but a direct chat can make life simpler.

For up-to-date information about our services, please head to our website: https://smartvoteservices.com/

Thank you for using our service!
The SmartVote team.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This sounds like an interesting thing to be part of. Very attractive. I’m really looking forward to see how this works.

Particularly pleased to see there are also some guidelines clearly stated about quality of posts that will be upvoted.

I’m also quite impressed at the option for when one needs to take a break – something I feel is important from a self-care perspective!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi, thanks for coming around.
We are trying to be as transparent as possible and offer a features to make it flexible. As we go we will add more interesting features.

You can always start with a small delegation to see how it goes, you can un-delegate at anytime.

Please join our Discord server https://discord.gg/nGkEtAc if you have more question or feel free to continue this comment thread.

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Member of the SmartVote community

It is a good way to help grow newbies in the community and also help the older members to achieve greater heights. I love the philosophy behind this great idea. I sure will be a part of it. Thanks for the information.


Member of the SmartVote Community

Thank you for your support

You are welcome @smartvote!

I want to use it How to work @smartvote

Hi @taithanhvu, I sent you a DM on Discord.

This sounds like an interesting thing to be part of. Very attractive. I’m really looking forward to see how this works.

Hi @victorialuxx, the best way to see how it works is to try it with a small delegation which you can increase or cancel at anytime without risk. Don't hesitate to ask for more info or clarification.

Awesome idea, thank you! How does the actual return compare to delegating so to minnowbooster?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @origin-al, MB and SV operate differently. SV should be giving more ROI than MB as we don't take any fees. This is delegation, so you can always try to delegate a small amount of SP to both services and see how they compare and then cancel the delegation at anytime.

Please tell us what criteria of quality content for Dtube and Dlive in what case people will receive votes for their videos?

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for asking, videos are a tricky case. Until we find a better way to assess them, we will upvote our members’ DLive and Dtube videos regardless of whether or not it contains any text in the description. The team is currently not big enough for the task.

We will see how it goes for now and will sure make an update post if the rule changes.

Thank you! We will wait for next update in rules.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great ,I will delegate to smartvote.

Thank you

Congrats on your launch!

Looks like, that is what we needed here.Will follow up closely, I sense a huge potential.

Posted using Partiko Android

Feel free to trial with a small delegation and see it for yourself and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question

Thank you!

Wow u are back with @smartvote resteemed to my 800+followers
Member of the SmartVote Community
Member of the SmartVote community

Thank you

Really? So instead of using our Steem Power to curate, we get to waste it all on ourselves? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE ALL NEED. Steemit will be so much better now, no doubt about it.


This is the exact opposite of what I'm doing.

@felipejoys thanks for your feedback. We don't recommend anyone to delegate all their SP to our service, our delegation tool does say it. Curation is one important aspect of the platform. The team members are fans of the Steem Blockchain and think for it for the long term.

I was really rude and sorry for that. I firmly stand by my point, though.

No worries and we do respect your point of view.

Best of luck for bright future of this concept

thank you :-)

@xiguang can you compete with this bot?

Hi @bsfmalaysia, does BSF in your name stand for Black Soldier Fly? I also have a BSF composting system in my backyard 😃

Back to the topic, the bot you are mentioning does not have enough delegators for us to compare accurately, but it seems that their upvotes might be the same as ours but their daily payout is actually lower then our offer.

Hi @smartvote yes! We are a group of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs-wannabe intending to establish a large scale black soldier fly farm in Malaysia. What a coincidence to meet a fellow BSF enthusiast here on Steemit! Really nice to meet you here!

Back to the topic, their offer is indeed slightly lower, but their minimum delegation is 2SP, so yeah, good for the Steemit newbies :)

We are decreasing our entry delegation to a fixed 25 SP as we will be recover our expenses in other ways. Hopefully, this will help more newbies to grow with us.

Why is it not profitable to admit delegation of 25 SP under current plan? Or will you be making a loss?

It's not just profitability but also management. There are other reasons including:

  • if we lower too much, it's opening door to abusers who create multiple accounts. We manually upvote for quality control so this would also create too much work.
  • if someone delegates 1 SP, they should receive 10 SP upvotes which is virtually impossible to do with our current Steem Power. It's not even 1% vote weight... 25 SP is the minimum we can do.

Thanks, very detailed explanation

I just joined esteemed. I'm a prolific quote writer who loves to write about my quotes in-depth. I understand it is huge potential in this post written. Unfortunately, its way over my head in understanding. Would you be willing to speak with me to help me better understand? You have no idea how much this would mean to me.

Hello, how can we help you ? Do you have any specific questions?

Hi @smartvote I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Thank you bot

Welcome to Steemit @smartvote :)

Thank you

This looks like a very interesting option for authors who create quality content. Thank you for this post that explains everything.

Thank you. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification if needed.

Wow @smartvote, this is very interesting. Definitely will help newbie like me. Followed and resteemed to show some love ;)

Member of the SmartVote Community

Hi @smartvote, looks like you have something interesting here.

How will photography and videos fit into your criteria?

Hi @spectrumecons, those two types are always tricky. I'm doing photography and a bit of videos myself but as some others I think images alone don't add a lot of value to the platform this is why photographs should be accompanied by some description, things such as info about the subject being photographed, the location, what brought you to that location, why that subject etc... Our minimum text length of 170 words is really easy to achieve.

On the video side, some vloggers put a lot of efforts in making their video clip that alone is already value added. For now we have disabled word count checking for videos uploaded to Dlive and Dtube until we find a better way to assess quality on video posts.

Thanks for your detailed response. I can agree about photographs. Adding some text to explain the photography is very valuable.

In regards to videos, the value is in the video itself. Many high quality videos have very minimal text. I am glad that you have disabled word count for these posts. I make quite a few videos myself, I normally add at least a brief description just to give the viewer a rough idea of what to expect (though, I am not sure of my word count).

I generally like what you guys are proposing. I have yet to delegate any Steem Power as I like to have Steem Power available to curate good content when I see it. I also strongly believe the bid-bots are causing a lot of damage by pushing really low quality content onto the 'Trending' page. I do not see your services being abused in that way.

I will think it over for about a day and then decide if I should delegate any SP and how much if I do. I normally only post a few times a week as my posts are generally quite long (several thousand words sometimes).

Even if it is an amazing photograph or a well thought, shot and edited video, there is still a lot of benefit from adding a good description to it:

  1. As you mentioned, it helps the viewer have a rough idea of what to expect, especially potential followers who don't know you yet.
  2. Search Engines can't really analyse the content of an image/video (or maybe they can now, I'm not sure) so in order to bring more organic traffic from outside the Steem ecosystem, your best bet is text content.
  3. I saw some vloggers adding a transcript of their video in the post body and that is absolute gold for me. I spend a lot of my time Steeming from an iPhone in the train and I can't always watch videos, so a transcript allows me to know what's going on without watching, especially when the videos are just vloggers discussing a subject which does not really require you to actually watch.

I just hope you do a better job of judging quality than other vote sellers. I want to see Trending full of good posts and not over-promoted junk. I see you had to buy your way in there ;)

Hey @steevc. I totally understand your concerns. The junk loaded Trending is a plague for the platform. Assessing the quality of a content is a challenge, especially if you have many to assess. As we develop, we will try to build some tools to help us in that task. Such tools are already in the pipeline, we are looking for building an integrated tool in our admin dashboard to help with:

  • detecting plagiarism (this one is tough)
  • automatically pre-score a content based on various points which I won't reveal as to not allow users to find a way around it when it will be implemented

There will also be random checks on user blogs and we will cancel membership of any authors breaking our rules and quality requirements.

Hopefully, Steemit Inc will also develop new features to help with reversing the current trend.

automatically pre-score a content based on various points which I won't reveal as to not allow users to find a way around it when it will be implemented

If you could do this transparently and still have it work, it would actually be useful. Bad actors will eventually figure out fragile but hidden algorithms. It's generally not seen as a good form of security to hide implementation details. Good IP, but not necessarily the most trustworthy.

The pre-scoring is just a first layer to help the human being that will actually perform the upvote actions. We don't want a fully automated upvote process as as you said, it's not necessarily the most trustworthy.

Thank you for your valuable input.

Good post

Thank you

This looks really promising. I'm looking to try delegating 100 SP first to see how profitable it really is. :)

Hi @mater, thank you. You can cancel the delegation at any time so it's safe 😀

How is this different from selfvoting 10 times a day?:)

You certainly can do that! But that would mean you would have to do that 10x a day. Having a service that do that you alleviate you from a non-value added activity and you can concentrate on creating and curating quality content.

Though I agree with your point, let's see how they deal with the quality stuff. I too believe that you can write one quality article to get x10 upvote (similar to self-voting 10 times a day). But since there is a word "quality", I'm interested to see what is considered the quality content since there's a lot of differences in opinions here on Steemit about that.

Good luck @smartvote.

I agree. Quality is subjective. Some people think that Steemit is a blogging site and quality is defined as # of words or the spirit of the content. I tend to think of steemit as a social media site which means whatever trigger a reaction or a response is considered content.

@princewahaj Quality is hard to define. As @nuoctuong said, it is subjective.
We currently upvote manually although our admin dashboard does assist us by triaging content a little bit. But it's the work of a single person at the moment so quality can hardly be defined by the opinion of one person. It's more about filtering shit posts to get upvoted and if one goes through our filtering process and we discover it afterwards, we will suspend the membership.

If you have suggestions, we are willing to hear :-)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I agree with @nuoctuong and you on the part that quality is subjective.

It would be best to restrict users who make a lot of grammatical mistakes. If something is on the front page, it should be well-written and should have little to no grammatical mistakes. A few mistakes can be overlooked but not many.

But it would be best if you combine this one with other ways you'll implement to make sure we don't lose great content just because of grammatical mistakes.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in our list.

As @nuoctuong mentioned, the difference is quality over quantity. Firstly, it will be hard word for you to post 10 times a day and wait for the best time to upvote yourself. Secondly, I don't think anyone can write 10 quality posts per day. The average Steemian already find it hard to write quality content once a day, 7 days a week.

We want to give an incentive to authors to start writing less often but of better quality. As our members get better at writing content, they will grow and so will we.

What if i don't have the minimum SP to delegate? Is there any other way... i would like to join as well... i am new to steemit

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @johnwilkinson, we are currently working on ways to reduce our minimum delegation amount. Until then, you might enter one of our coming contests that will several days of membership without delegation.

Thank you so much! Could you please let me know how to enter this contest and the rules of it?

Posted using Partiko Android

There will be a post soon with all the details, keep an eye out.

Sure.. thank you 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

HI @smartvote I am new to steemit and I basically have low SP, what can I do to be a part of this
I intend to start using steemit to share my daily poetry, street and mobile photography photos and posts.

I await your reply

Hi @nedyy, welcome to Steemit. We are currently working on some ways to lower our access threshold for Minnows. There will still be some minimum as to prevent spam and abuse. We will post about it soon, hopefully.

In the mean time, check our blog regularly as we will be posting contest to get several days of upvote without delegation.

Hmm I think it should be great service! And I have one question
If market will increase or fall down will ROI follow to market situation or it will be constant?

Posted using Partiko Android

We will always use 10x the SP you are delegating but the actual value of the upvote will vary with the price of Steem.

But then the price of Steem affects all of us, the value of our own upvotes also drops and @smartvote will always be 10x our own upvotes.

Daily payout of Steem to your wallet, that 13% annual rate will be constant. If you delegate 500 SP, @smartvote will pay you 0.178 Steem daily, but those 0.178 Steem will be worth less USD.

Thank you for clarification!

Posted using Partiko Android

congrats.... but i cant access url

Hi @michealclauri, sorry there was a mistake in the URL, try this one:

If i delegate 400 sp then how much i earn and get upvote??

According to our SmartVote Calculator: https://smartvoteservices.com/calc.html
You will get upvotes at 4.36% vote weight which at the current STEEM price is worth $0.228 STU, this value will change depending on the price of STEEM.

What is STU

Your comment is currently valued at $0.08, that is $0.08 STU or Steem Token Units. This is because you will not receive $0.08 but you know minus curation reward to the curators and them partially SP partially SBD/Steem...

Last question are you give upvote for steem or sbd

Sorry for the late reply. We are working only with delegations.

Haha,today I have delegated all my SP to smartvote,you can do that too..

:-D thank you
Please keep a little bit so you can also curate quality content from other authors and help grow Steem

thanks share and information good post

This comment has received a 44.44 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @sameershaikh.

Bids above 0.05 SBD may get additional upvotes from our trail members.

Get Upvotes, Join Our Trail, or Delegate Some SP

@smartvote I quite like the concept you guys bring looking forward to delegate some SP will top up my account and give it a go. Thanks for bringing great opportunity for us.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you for your support

You are always welcome dear. Once again thanks for great opertunity I will topup on 2nd September because this is @timcliff blast day I would like you to promote that day too if you like it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Isn't it Sept 3rd?

Thanks for the correction it is 3rd of sep

Posted using Partiko Android

It seems promising @smartvote. Looking forward to see this.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you.

I can't wait to try this new opportunity @smartvote.
Thank you for sharing this information.

We are looking forward to seeing you amongst the members

wow .. Awesome. I will see if i can delegate some sp at least to start from somewhere, sounds cool. Good job man!!

Thanks for your support. Let us know if you have any question.

Thank you

Congratulations @grv6124 ! You received a 1% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia for your task of 100 SUP Today.

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Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

Hi @smartvote, you have received an upvote from QuocHuy [witness]. I'm the Vietnamese Community bot developed by witness @quochuy and powered by community SP delegations.

but i have only 5 SP. am i eligeble to participate?
thx. have a nice day.

minimum 87SP I think

oh yes.. i checked it on the site too. i guess it is a reasonable price. now i just need to get them steem. need some traffic on my poems. haha cheers, and thx.

We have dropped the minimum to 25 SP (fixed) so you can reach it earlier :-)
Remember to keep some SP for you so you can curate good content too.

oh that is such a great news thank you!

It is a good idea, but I really don't understand how it works. You Upvote @angelinafx up to 13 times per day the most of the times with 100% weight valued on $4.41 and she has delegate to you just 15 SP. What is going on here??

Hi @trenz,

Thanks for raising your concern.

@angelinafx is the founder and investor of SV. Currently, most of the Steem Power of the @smartvote account comes from her investment that allowed lease of SP from various lenders. The 15 SP she delegated to SmartVote is for testing the service. The upvote on her own content is for various purposes:

  1. Creating contest to help minnow grow
  2. Invest in other sub-projects which in turn generate Steem to renew SmartVote current SP lease.

SmartVote does not take any operation or facilitation fee from the participants while offering them as much return as possible. But we still need to renew the SP lease in order to operate.

You have noticed upvotes to @Angelinafx, you must have also noticed transfers from her account to SV to continue financing the operation.

Oh, ok. Thank you so much for your answer. I saw that and everything turned dark for me ;)

Have a nice day.

As things progress, we will probably bring all side projects used to finance the project into the SmartVote blog itself. The project is still young.

Enjoy the weekend.

Yay, another one! Can't have too many of these.

Hi @church-of-piglet, thanks for your time giving your feedback. We hope we can operate differently to the other ones tho.

Congratulations @smartvote!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 8 with 84 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 258,69

Follow me, upvotes, and resteem my post plzz i have no more steem help me guysss....😧😧😧😧

@smartvote can you take a look in my Profile and see if I am qualified for using your services?

I will delegate some if I am qualified

Hi @arunava, here is our assessment of your profile:

  • no issue with reputation.
  • you are not on SteemCleaners' public blacklist.
  • you do add a source link to images that are not yours, which is great!
  • however, a lot of of your posts are too short and some of them only contains one image and one short text. Those won't be eligible for upvotes.

If you make some effort to write more, then you will have more eligible content.

I usually write between 100-120 Words per post I will push that to 170 and above from now on. Can you give me a delegation link for 100 SP

You can easily generate a delegation link from our Delegation Tool:

But here is the 100SP link 😊:

Congratulations @smartvote! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

Award for the number of upvotes

Click on the badge to view your Board of Honor.
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

SteemitBoard - Witness Update
SteemFest³ - SteemitBoard support the Travel Reimbursement Fund.

Support SteemitBoard's project! Vote for its witness and get one more award!

This is very interesting, But there are terms that I cannot fully understand yet. Still trying to learn more in this platform.

Hi @precioustopaz, which terms don't you understand? I can help clarify.

Congratulations @smartvote! You have completed the following achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

Award for the number of upvotes

Click on the badge to view your Board of Honor.
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Do you like SteemitBoard's project? Then Vote for its witness and get one more award!

The concept sounds great, but if many people will use it, will it deliver the planned ROI? Vote power decreases as the vote number grows.

Hi @alexanderrigov,

We have started with about 90K SP without any members which is what allows us to deliver the promised ROI in a first place. As new members come in they also delegate. Additionally, as we upvote member's posts we will get curation rewards which we will use to power up or lease additional SP. We are also doing other projects on the side which brings us more Steem to lease more SP or power up.

You can always try us and if we don't deliver then you simply cancel your delegation.

nice one !

@smartvote can you take a look at my profile and see if I am qualified to use your services?

I will delegate some SP if I am qualified

This is an interested project ! Wish you luck.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you :-)

yeah! quality post. Any language?

Hi @aggamun

We currently only accept French, English and Vietnamese posts.

Hello @smartvote,

Will you upvote on burmese language posts.

Hi @mmunited,
Unfortunately we currently only accept English, French and Vietnamese content.

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