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This is my introductory post.


I live in Canada and work in the oilfield industry. My interests are in economics, investing, global politics and now cryptos.

I am relatively new to the crypto world, and have a lot to learn. When cryptos first came to my attention, my thought was that they where "a fad" and would soon disappear. I was wrong! Seeing that cryptos can be used in so many different applications, I've come to the conclusion that they are here to stay.

My plans on steemit are to write some blogs relating to money, the banking system and perhaps some photography.

As a newbie to steemit and cryptos, any tips, hints or suggestions are greatly appreciated in the comment area.

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Welcome to steemit world

welcome to steemit :)

Welcome to steemit

Hey @treble. Welcome to Steemit community!!

Hi, treble! I wish you a very prosper journey here in this loving and caring community :) It is very nice to meet you!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link https://discord.gg/AkzNSKx
@newbieresteemday invite link https://discord.gg/2ZcAxsU

Welcome! It is so nice to have you here with us. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will be glad to try to help out if I can. Good luck!

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Thank you, it's good to be here.

You're welcome.

Hey nice intro there my friend welcome to Steemit, I hope you enjoy it here there is much going on.

As a newbie to steemit and cryptos, any tips, hints or suggestions are greatly appreciated in the comment area.

Tips I can give plenty, create original content, watch out for plagiarism as it is frowned upon here. Get involved with communities and make new friends Discord has plenty of them, finally enjoy blogging while earning.

Thanks, will look into Discord.

@treble, A warm welcome to Steemit. This is a great community and I know you will have a great time here.

I want to invite you to join the discord channel #steemschools https://discord.gg/eTZqQvk and we will teach and support you to grow up in Steemit, to choose the right topic to attract readers, to use the right tags to get more visibility, how to make quality posts and comments on Steemit.
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Thank you, will take a look at it.

welcome to steemit, hope you can give information and good work and steemit users to support all activities in this steemit.
you can also visit my account, to know me and become a good friend

Thanks, looks interesting.

Welcome to Steemit and I hope you like it here :)

Thank you hanen

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Welcome to tha Steemit @treble! I knew close to zero about anything ~crypto~ when I joined a year ago. I post and read for F.U.N. really, but my account grew slowly to what nominal amount it is today. 1000+ followers later I continue to enjoy learning about different places all over the world, and having some laughs along the way! Enjoy & STEEM On!

Pee.S. - Grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario ('cross tha pond from ya 'eh?!)
Hope some of these links may help you:
Steem Voter Bot- https://steemvoter.com/
Steem Help- https://www.steemithelp.net/
Steem Welcome- https://steemit.com/welcome#Upvotes
Steem Whales- http://steemwhales.com/?p=1&s=reputation
Steem Payouts- https://steemviz.com/pendingpayouts
Steen Emojis- https://steemit.com/emojis/@blueorgy/steemit-emojis-master-list

Good links, looks like I have hours of reading to do.

Hi welcome to the Steemit community! I'm resteem (sharing) the post of all my followers. Access the link and follow the instructions! Have a good day!

Thanks will do

Hello! I'm as new as you, let's develop together. We can achieve a lot if we act together. I followed you, and you follow me. ;)

Sounds good

Buen Post, me alegra poder compartir contigo

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@treble ...welcome to this great community..I'm positive you'll do well , I've followed you, please do well to follow back..peace!


Great to have you here in the steemit community. have a great ride.

Welcome to Steemit I am in Calgary 3HGSMQ4MBVHLHLHBCZEPSTR64Q.jpg

Thanks, I'm in Alberta as well, north of you. I'll check out your post every once in a while.