THE CROSS WILL STAY! Court Case Actually FOLLOWS THE LAW, for once...

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Our Constitution did NOT establish "separation of church and state" no matter what your libtard teacher or professor may have told you, it merely prevented the establishment of a state church to which all would have to go each week, and to which taxpayer money would have to go to support.


Judge Roy Moore's excellent legal foundation has scored another victory here:


MONTGOMERY, AL: The Foundation for Moral Law, an Alabama nonprofit organization dedicated to the defense of religious liberty and the strict interpretation of the Constitution as intended by its Framers, praised the decision of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in City of Pensacola v. Kondratev as a significant victory for religious liberty.


In the City of Pensacola, Florida, a cross stood in a public park since 1941. For nearly 75 years, nobody complained, until several people sued because they were offended by the display. The trial judge reluctantly held that the cross had to be removed, saying that he was bound by past court precedents. The Eleventh Circuit reluctantly affirmed for the same reason. Shortly after that, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion in American Legion v. American Humanist Association, which upheld the display of a cross in Maryland. The Supreme Court then ordered the Eleventh Circuit to reconsider its decision in light of American Legion. Yesterday, the Eleventh Circuit held that the Pensacola cross was constitutional under American Legion. Writing the opinion for the court, Trump appointee Judge Kevin Newsom said that the courts should look to history for guidance in determining whether displays with religious imagery are constitutional.

Foundation Senior Counsel John Eidsmoe said, "The Eleventh Circuit's decision is a major step in the right direction towards restoring an original understanding of the Constitution and securing religious liberty. For decades, the Supreme Court's precedents on these issues have been neither correct nor consistent. The Supreme Court's decision in American Legion took a major step towards correcting the errors that have led to prohibiting the acknowledgment of God in the public square. The Eleventh Circuit did an excellent job of applying American Legion correctly to the Pensacola cross case."


Matt Clark, the attorney for the Foundation who filed amicus briefs at two stages of this case, added, "yesterday's decision from the Eleventh Circuit had been in place back in 2002, then Judge Roy Moore probably would have won the lawsuit over his Ten Commandments display" Clark added, "The fact that the Pensacola cross had stood undisturbed for nearly 75 years was a factor in the Eleventh Circuit's decision, but we believe that the Eleventh Circuit ultimately held that displays with religious imagery have to be judged by history. As the Supreme Court explained in 2005 in Van Orden v. Perry, displaying the Ten Commandments is completely consistent with the history of this nation."

Kayla Moore, the President of the Foundation, said, "We are grateful that the Eleventh Circuit took a significant step towards restoring an original understanding of the First Amendment, and we hope that they will continue moving in that direction."

Judge Roy Moore, Founder and President Emeritus of the Foundation, said, "The Constitution was never meant to prohibit the public acknowledgement of God, either through a cross or a Ten Commandments display." Judge Moore added, "The Founders believed that our rights could only be secure when the people were convicted that their rights were the gift of God. As the courts look more to history, I hope that they will discover that religious liberty ultimately is a gift from our Creator that cannot be taken away by man, today!"


Oh, and of course, the REAL LAW of this land is our CONSTITUTION, from which no amount of flim flammery and UNJUST AND IMPROPER "legal precedent" can rightfully separate us.

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This is great news indeed! That method of going by precendents is troubling.