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Michael Heath is a friend and Christian brother who USED TO BE the head of Maine's most important Christian organization--The Christian Civic League of Maine. That is until it was undermined by sodomite sympathizers within the churches in Maine who forced his removal about 10 year ago now. Since then, Maine, like the rest of the nation, has been on a downward spiral of continued coddling of evil, and the results of that are everywhere, from the push to normalize pedophilia, bestiality, polygamous marriages, etc., to other backpedaling betrayals of Christian principles in matters of the family, the protection of innocent life, mandatory vaccination, etc.

Mike and his wife Paulie remain avid and active Christian Warriors, and their ministry "Helping Hands" deserves the support of all people who care about life, family, and social issues. Here is an example of Mike's good work, and how the state's second largest newspaper, The Bolshevik Dorogoy Novosti--sometimes known by it's English equivalent "The Bangor Daily News" and the Southern Poverty Law Center described him recently:


Mike has asked me to re-post articles from his blog here on Steemit.com, and I told him I would be glad to do so, as they are witty, well-written, and most importantly poignantly charged with Christian principles and issues surrounding the need for the return of the militant church.


"The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up." -- John Maxwell

I'm So Sorry

A couple weeks ago I wrote a column announcing my "Faggots are Maggots World Tour." I heard from some people. I've been thinking deeply about all the homosexual porn you emailed me. I've been giving thoughtful consideration to your claims that my use of such violent english words to describe the sin against nature and nature's God reveals deep psychological scarring in my soul. And, of course, it would be very rude of me not to think about the many assertions you all sent reminding me that I'm actually a closeted homosexual. So, thank you so very much for writing. I must confess my many sins.

I'm sorry for using the word "faggot." I now realize that this word is uncommonly rude, despicable and violent. It is especially inappropriate when used by a Christian who is mindful of the eternal and horrid nature of hellfire. Because I use this word with a sincere desire to help all people avoid such a fate I now know that I am very wicked. I am so grateful for the bold correction from the most moral and holy gay community. Truly ... sincerely ... what would Christianity be without constant reminders, ridicule and insults from our dear gay brothers and sisters. Their mercy and grace, their love, defies all other historic exemplars of the love of Jesus. The gay community is indeed the highest example of tolerance on earth. Maybe not the highest since we haven't quite achieved the lofty perch of perfection that includes the poor persecuted pedophile and beastiality community. In time, and with government enforced progress, I'm sure our age of enlightenment and love will arrive. I am in debt to the happy gays for the love they've shown me in emailing me images of themselves cavorting naked with one another in penetrating poses. Just beautiful. Really.

I just grovel and beg for mercy for combining the word faggot with the putrid qualifier maggot. This, of course, is a most egregious sin. Everyone knows that there is nothing more praiseworthy, endearing and sweet than men like wife Mayor Pete and his male lover sealing their sodomy with public smooches for all the world to enjoy. It's just so moving to think of them enjoying sex together in the White House. I suppose it would deliciously enrich the scene to imagine them joining with many other sexually pure Christ-like people to act out their LGBTQIA identities in the White House. I feel so bad for comparing this idyllic scene with something as odious as a maggot. I have committed a mortal, and probably unforgiveable, sin of discrimination. Maybe someday I will be able to receive absolution from a Queen. It will be a real Drag if I can't grovel and beg dramatically enough to make such a confession. They are so kind to teach our children to read. How could I think of such raunch and stink as maggotry at the same time I'm thinking about the most reverent and holy Drag Queens of this world.

And speaking of people most holy and reverent I am loathe to think that my use of the words faggots and maggots may have offended a pastor or a priest. With their profound discovery of the mandate of dignity for all human persons -- especially gays -- I now know that Christianity is developing in a loving direction. It is instructive to remember the Pope's example when he visited America not that long ago. His public snub of the baptized Christian female municipal clerk who was jailed for refusing to sign homosexual "marriage" certificates, combined with the public embrace of his sodomite friends, is helpful. I'm meditating deeply on his example of love, respect, gentleness and wisdom. It is surprising really. What a surprise. I'm just full of a sense of surprise because the Pope is revealing to my mind's eye the God of Surprises. I'm grateful. I have to admit that the approval of sodomy at the expense of an example of moral courage is surprising. Everybody knows the Pope is infallible. So, I'm glad to be instructed by the world's top pastor, the Pope. He's obviously right about this one. There obviously isn't any faggotry or maggotry hiding in this dark corner of our modernist closet.

It grieves me to realize that I once thought of homosexual priests and fornicating pastors as unholy -- unchristian somehow. How could I have ever thought that a priest loving an altar boy, or a pastor twerking off to porn in the privacy of his own office, is wrong! Of course it isn't wrong for priests to instruct their innocent young acolytes in the ways of this wonderful world. I bend over corrected, if you know what I mean. I mean, I'm really sorry to have entertained thoughts of judgment about such conduct. Clearly God is not pleased with me. Everybody now knows from having been instructed by gay theologians that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the egregious sin of inhospitality. The fire he rained down from heaven that day was a reaction to those wicked civilizations not being neighborly enough. I'm so thankful for the enlightenment and love I now have. Judgmentalism is so wrong. It's just plain wrong.

It will be so good when Mayor Pete becomes the most powerful man on the planet. This will signal a final end to the awful age of Christendom. Christianity will then be finally absorbed into the great family of world religions that Mayor Pete became an expert on by studying comparative religions at Harvard. What a great time to be alive. Thank you for your emails. Keep them coming. I'm learning so much, as you can see.


All seriousness aside (lol) I'm still in Florida. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go home. Ongoing prayers and support for my dad and mom are appreciated. Donations remain stagnant. Please share these columns with another Christian who you think might be encouraged or instructed by them. That will help. Also, check out my LIVEstream at www.michaelheath.org. Thanks.




Helping Hands Ministries * 237 Byerly Street * Mt. Airy, NC * 27030

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