Russian Military Police Patrolling Saraqeb Burying Erdogan's Daydreams

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Erdogan's daydreams in Saraqib are buried now with the deployment of Russian Military Police patrols in the newly cleaned city.

Russian Military Police in Saraqib Idlib.jpg

Unless Erdogan is dumb enough, he proved to be so many times before, to send his terrorists and the Turkish army to the city where Russian personnel are deployed.

The Turkish madman Erdogan used over 5000 of al-Qaeda's affiliates including Nusra Front and ISIS itself in the last week attack against the city and now already gathering more for a second attack.

More details in this post: Russian Military Police Deployed in Saraqib Ending Erdogan’s Dreams in It

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Good very late move.

@arabisouri, I hope I did the right thing as I upvoted this article. Any thing bad for Erdogan I hope is good.
I grew up during the "cold war" so I am sometimes not sure about things to do with Russia.
Take care and be careful! Keep up the good fight, Mitch