Chandigarh, India

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Soo after reaching the hotel we freshed up and then had dinner, enjoyed the night at our level best and woke up the next morning and had breakfast. That was the day of having a sight seening at Chandigarh.
Firstly we all were arranged in 6 to 7 buses and we left for Rock Garden. It was a beautiful place with a good example of best out of waste. It was a place of about 3 to 4 kilometers. The things made up there were all made up of the things which are useless for us but has still made such great sculpture. It was made and constructed by Nek Chand.
After visiting rock garden we visited Sukhna Lake which is at a short distance to Rock Garden. The lake didn't amused us a lot as being from a lakecity, visiting lakes was much often for all of us. We also had a little interview with the local news channel at our hotel regarding our trip etc.
Visiting Sector 17 was also in our plans but we were a bit late and after having lunch we have a long journey for our last and final destination so we skipped sector 17 shopping and left for a beautiful place.

Chandigarh, India

Sculpture made out of old bangles.






It was a drawing at Rock Garden


Sukhna Lake


Chandigarh Station


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India has too many historic and tourist places as well like Chandigarh. but the most I like is Goa.

U are right about historical places...nd yaa Goa is too a good place which is still to be explored.

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yes exactly. India has too many places which are needed to be explore too.

Yess..of course

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The most attractive thing about India is the wildlife.

What interesting art and a cool place. Thank you for showing it too us, @stubborn-soul.

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