A new IDO coming to PenguinFinance - Kassandra DAO

in ido •  5 months ago 

If you haven't heard about it yet, get ready for a brand new IDO on PenguinFinance. This time it is Kassandra DAO that will be featured and this is a really promising product that has been in production for a long time. Already in June 2021, the team started to publish articles on Medium about the upcoming product and now it finally seems to be ready, meaning that the IDO will be held very soon on PenguinFinance, and later in January, the platform will launch with one index ready, based on social hype around products.

Would you like to learn more about Kassandra DAO and how you can participate in the IDO on PenguinFinance? Click the link to find further information.

What makes Kassandra DAO so interesting? It is a clearly unique project that will let token holders also influence what kind of tokens can be included in the indexes, and you can invest in several coins at the same time through buying a part of the index. I really like the sound of it, and it also reminds me of what Hedge, later Blocktrade, intended to do back in the days. But, that project has mostly died out, and now this ETF kind of project will soon launch on Avalanche: I will for sure be a part of the IDO because this sounds interesting!

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