Some recent footage from Hong Kong

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As much as I like Reddit, their recent hosting solutions means that video gets stored on their servers which a) makes it annoying to share as you have to share a link to the whole thread to view the video (loads up all comments as well as their site) and b) if the post gets taken down or deleted which happens more often than one needs to mention, the video gets deleted as well. So instead I'm uploading these videos onto my youtube channel as unlisted.

I gain nothing from receiving views on these videos, I don't run ads nor am I affiliated with youtube to monetize my content. This is primarily done to ease the viewing right here in the post for readers.

I'll be sharing some of the most interesting content I find on Reddit and other websites on a regular basis here for discussions and to generate some non OC posts. Feel free to upvote or downvote, I won't be self-voting.

Hong Kong Police slided a protester on the floor and stepped on his head.


Hong Kong Police ramming protesters with minibuses


Hong Kong Citizens Suffer Tear Gas, March Toward PolyU, To Save the Remaining Students


Woman begs her husband to not attack protesters with a metal pipe shouting: "Where has your humanity gone"


Hong Kong Protester Gives A theatrical Preformance


Same protester from 2 months ago

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As bad as it is and as much as I support the cause, it's a pretty one-sided post.

The protestors are indeed rioting, literally setting an old man on fire, shooting police with arrows in the leg, petrol bombs, throwing bricks into a mans face killing him, as well as endless things that are, by any rights, illegal (roadblocks, vandalism, looting etc).

For once the religious sector is actually right in HK: Both sides need to show restraint.

We know, everybody knows - indeed, everybody in Hong Kong knows - that their cause is an impossible goal. Short of the CCP being overthrown by a democratic government that arises from nowhere with no military (as in, impossible) or invaded by the US (impossible), HK will fall in line, one way or the other.

So turning to violence may be the natural flow of events for this kind of thing all over the world (look at Chile, Bolivia, Iraq and more going on right now, too), but in the case of HK it's nothing but damaging their only goal: to raise awareness and show the Chinese government for what they are.

In fact, the CCP is loving this. There's no risk of the government being overthrown and running away to Mexico, and at the same time, they get to prove 'the HK youths are violent uncivilized thugs/terrorists and the peaceful people of HK just want to get back to their way of life - the only way for this is for military intervention to create peace once more'

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is slowly losing support the more news of violence they see. It's totally counter to their cause at this point.

Yes, the police are being overly brutal, but so are the protestors. What they need is a leadership role. Decentralized protests make it impossible to negotiate or open any form of dialogue

It's true, the protesters have become more violent compared to a few months ago but their 'brutality' is no where near the police. Its kindergarten vs university level. The brutality by the police you see in this post is just a small snapshot of what's happening.

As to the poor guy who was killed by a brick, yes thats true. The protesters set up bricks blockage on the road for the police. A group of pro China came out and hurled the bricks at the protestors. The protestors retaliated by throwing bricks back at them and a 70 year old pro China guy was killed. If caught, the protesters are willing to accept the punishment according to a fair trial.

The issue is

1/ if caught, the police carry out their own punishment first. That is not the police responsibility. They have no right carry out any form of punishment

2/ the police are arresting people who have not committed any crime. You can be arrested for being a young male wearing black, and you can be arrested if you're going to work in Central. Anyone can be arrested if the police feel like it.

3/ looting is not from the protesters. They vandalise selected shops, those who are pro China, including a chain of store called 360 that sells snacks food stuff. Once done they move on. The people who loot are other passer bys, middle age women were caught on camera talking advantage of the situation helping themselves to freebies.

4/ there are many pro China gangs taking things in their own hands. The police turn a blind eye to their action and even escort them away. The 721 incident is a classic example.

Arrest and charge the protestors and give them a fair trial for the crimes they've committed. No one has an issue with that. At the same time, the same needs to apply to the police for the excessive brutality. Do you think that's going to happen under the current lame duck government?

I mostly agree here. My only issue is that we can't possibly know the balance, even with freedom of the press, because we can only be exposed to what we are more or less already follow and surround ourselves with. I've done my best by joining some telegram accounts and such and I see a LOT of brutality from police, but I also see totally unnecessary actions from protestors that work hard to legitimize the presence of the police.

Vandalizing stores that happen to disagree with you politically is not something you can excuse, even if it's a big, cold corporation such as Starbucks. I shouldn't have to fear for my life or my wellbeing if I happen to disagree with you, because what if I agree with you instead? What's stopping the others who disagree on the other side vandalising my home or store or family?

But yeah aside from that, I'm in agreement here

In order for more fair governance to come into existence people had to fight back. Sometimes, we just have to fight. The founding fathers of the United States got violent, and it was necessary.

If people in history did not get violent at some point we'd still have colonialism, slavery, kings rather than presidents and human liberties would still not be recognized. The law is only legitimate so long as its ethically correct. These people want their natural liberties as humans recognized, that's all.

As for the CCP, well, they might eventually get sanctioned by the US over it. I'm a fan of Real Vision the financial youtube channel and according to them China's economy is about to plummet. Their economy is already fucked by the tariffs, but if they get sanctioned on top of that their economy is really going in the shitter.

Right now, US democrats and republicans are majorily divided, but the one thing both sides are beginning to agree on is that presidential candidates are feeling pressure to be hard on China. Both Elizabeth Warren and Trump seek to appear tough on China because everyone from folks in the Fed to truck drivers want it.

China wants to appear strong but its economy is a house of cards. I think you underestimate how huge this Hong Kong crisis is. There are approximately 1,000,000 people protesting in Hong Kong and there's only 7.4 million people in Hong Kong. When that large of a percentage of the population is angry you have a serious and real revolution on your hands. China can't stop it, not without killing a million people, and if they do, the west will respond.

There are more than 1m supporting the protest in HK.

2m turned out to the 616 march, that's nearly 1/3 of the HK population. When Carrie Lam did a dialogue with citizens the other month, attendance was via a ballot. Anti china vs pro China questions during the dialogue was 8:2.

Eateries supporting the protest nearly always have a long queue outside whilst their next door neighbour who support China struggle to keep their business going.

Citizen support is strong for the protest. The government and police only have guns, tear gas, water cannons, and of course power.

Was this necessary?

I understand the philosophy and support it, but there is always a line you shouldn't be crossing.

I think you underestimate how huge this Hong Kong crisis is.

I live in China and often visit hong kong with friends there. I'm very up to date on the situation.

What people don't recognize, however, is that this is a unique position in the world. China and anything like it has never happened before. The police and military of HK could turn its back against the CCP and join the people, and it would still be ineffective because the CCP literally own their military in the mainland which by size makes efforts of HK little more than a dead pixel on a screen.

HK used to be significant in terms of economic contribution but now it's a fraction of China's overall economy.

The west is doing close to nothing, with who you would think are the closest allies, the UK, not even talking about it and just letting China do its thing. The US is making vague gestures but politicians are not openly talking about it at all to the mainstream.

Countries are doing nothing because they want to keep their profits which largely comes from China. HK is alone in this with some little whispering voices on Reddit and whatever muttering support on a casual level.

Chinas economy is not doing great at all, true, but those who tell you the country is on the verge of collapse are messing with you. This place has a life-time president, a one-party system, and the ability and freedom to manipulate their economy pretty much however they please, even if that means, like in the days of Mao Zedong, creating another 'Great Leap Foward'. This is entirely within their 'right' and ability.

I mean what do you think will happen just because HK is in the news a lot? Xi is going to bend over and be like 'ok you win guys, freedom for all!'?

I get the HK thing is huge, but I also get, as most HK people do, it's futile. That is sad, but we are powerless to anything

If you can get past the firewall from China to uncensored news, I recommend the follow to get impartial news

CGTN is not known for impartiality, likewise the South China Morning Post is now owned by Jack Ma from Alibaba, so is also indirectly controlled by China.

Yep I'm well aware of these but thanks - good for others to see this for sure. However there is yet to be a legitimate independent investigation, which is desperately needed. Hopefully sooner than later

Totally agree. But the governement won't want an independent investigation to dig into their dirt, despite it being all over the news. Perhaps the International Criminal Court would be our only last resort.

At this point it's pretty hard to conceal the actions of the police, that much is certainly true!

What happened to that man is terrible and should not have been done. However, with all due respect to you, your way of thinking is still wrong. If people were not willing to fight in the past there would be no liberty recognized anywhere.

As for your reply to understanding the crisis:

I have lived in Beijing for 5 years, I speak Mandarin Chinese and my ex-girlfriend was from Hong Kong, a place I regularly spend time at. I love mainland Chinese people, I also had an ex that was from Mainland China. I hope the very best for the people, the CCP is different and separate of the people.

China wants to appear strong, but only the weak really do that. The US military might is not for show, its hidden, while China shows their stuff off every day on subway TV screens. Its kind of like what people say about bitcoiners, if you show how much bitcoins you got in reality you don't own much.

What is happening in Hong Kong resembles the US revolutionary war in many ways. Everyone thought the redcoats couldn't lose until they did.

Your viewpoint that China is too powerful is historically inaccurate. People always think something can't happen until it does, and the historical record of nations indicates that revolutions, civil wars, genocides and other major events actually happen much more often than people want to believe. No state or system is truly ever stable.

You may live in mainland China, but I do not think you understand its economy well enough. China's internal economy feels good due to inflation rates that would make the US Fed scowl, while it tries to balance this out by export revenue that is dried up and tariffed to all hell.

All a US president (concerned with what their voters think) would have to do is wave that magic wand, declare sanctions and the CCP would crumble as the internal economy fell apart. The CCP has both internal and external issues and cannot afford to fight the Hong Kong war.

Let's briefly finish with a lesson from the US revolutionary war. Americans want to believe they were special, selected by the deity in the sky to win that war, and that's silly. It came down to logistics, although the British were the best, strongest, mightiest, richest and even had fancy Santa Clause jackets it was more expensive for them to fight that war than it was for the locals. As long as the Americans did not lose they were winning, and as long as the British did not win they were losing.

Logistics. The CCP can't win.

your way of thinking is still wrong

Not sure that's how opinions work, but sure.

People always think something can't happen until it does, and the historical record of nations indicates that revolutions, civil wars, genocides and other major events actually happen much more often than people want to believe.

Yes, historically this is true. But that argument only works when there is precedent, and there is nothing in history that even remotely resembles precendent of a nation 20% the population of the planet, run and controlled and grown at this alarming rate with this much technology... it's not even just China. The idea that the US can be toppled by protests is laughable. The right to bear arms is essentially the right to shoot oneself in the face if the military come rolling in.

Sure, it's feasible according to the laws of physics that a big enough protest could topple a government of this magnitude, but there is no precedent and thus no evidence that it ever will. The very idea of expecting it any time soon is just kinda wishful thinking, I'd say. We could see a slow, or eeven a rapid decline over the next few centuries which cause massive internal conflicts between sects of the politburo of the CCP, this could be a more likely cause of collapse. But a protest in a tiny city that contributes very little to the social fabric or economy... nah.

I do not think you understand its economy well enough

I think I am quite well acquainted (I've written about it somewhere deep in Steem before). I just know what is realistic, and at no point with the US people approve of $600billion trade being cut off entirely - including precious metals in which almost all of it resides in China, and basically lead a short spiral into war. Nobody would want this, not the US, China, nobody.

I know their economy is struggling but as I've written in my most recent post, there are no limits to what they can and will do to maintain power, as historically this is exactly what they do, from cappinig and shutting down financiial markets to control the flow of trade according to their whims, to manipulating the sentiment of bitcoins, banning and encouraging platforms, controlling how many homes families can have an how long they can own it, manipulating the housing market entirely; even banning people from coming into cities if they're from certain other places, and forcefully shifting farmers into industrialized factory lifestyles according to an intricate plan I forgot the details of. In the same vein came the Great Leap Forward, and for all its heinous and horrifying truths, China's economy boomed.

The final point once again referring to the US revolution, that was a time of muskets and small boats. It's is only similar to the current Chinese scenario in vocabulary only; revolution. Revolting against a state that controls nukes, aircraft carriers and intercontinental missiles, is kinda daft.

Unless you're referring to the US going to war again rather than the small city of Hong Kong, in which case, again, nobody wants that and nobody will do that. It's just not in the interest of anyone at all


We can confirm that this particular burning was probably not by any of our undercover officers. The officers involved are on vacation.

Freedom has always been illegal, and only criminals are free. No one needs a leader to be free. All one needs to do to be free is not obey overlords.

You can't do that legally. Any leader that pops up will draw fire. Overlords and their minions cannot direct fire at non-targets, so decentralized freedom remains the best option, and more so the more centralized tyranny is.

Each of the protesters actually has a leadership role IMHO. Leading their own lives.

Freedom has always been illegal

[Citation Needed]

I don't really understand any of this in terms of the real world. Criminals, that go to prison and are then extremely limited in their rights... are free? How do you figure?

Overlords and their minions cannot direct fire at non-targets

I mean... yes they can, and do... all the time, with ease. in China it's happening on a constant basis so I'm not sure where you're getting that idea from...

Decentralised freedom just means the same people can get shot down or imprisoned, with nobody around to open dialogue because everyone has slightly different ideas and thus nobody can speak for everyone, nor compromise. Chaos ensues and the 'overlords' take over, no problem.

So decentralized freedom remains the best option

But this isn't decentralized freedom we're talking about. We're talking about decentralized protests to desperately demand and maintain the status quo of centralized freedom that is HK city. They're not fighting for an Anarchist state, they're fighting against Totalitarian rule.

Remember, this is not a protest which can possibly, ever, lead to the overthrowing of the government like we see around the rest of the world. There is precisely 0% risk for Xi jinping in this case. All they can hope for, in the best, and still an extremely unlikely scenario, is to control and limit the powers of the local government, and the more fuel they give with violence (rumour has it the University is exposed as a weapons factory with almost 10,000 petrol bombs, but we'll see how reliable that is), the more likely the 'overlords' are going to drop their iron fist.

Being 'free' by not obeying is only going to lead you to being very un-free or dead, which I guess is the ultimate freedom

"Criminals, that go to prison and are then extremely limited in their rights... are free? How do you figure?"

The GAO (Government Accounting Office) estimated in the early 1990s that over 90% of Americans were guilty of violating the law. Almost all criminals are never punished.

Vast reams of new law has been written since then, creating vast hordes of new criminals by creating new crimes.

What I mean by 'freedom has always been illegal' is that whenever some gang asserts supremacy, any that do not accede to that demand are criminals. Any that do aren't free.

" Any leader that pops up will draw fire. Overlords and their minions cannot direct fire at non-targets, so decentralized freedom remains the best option, and more so the more centralized tyranny is."

This is the context from which you extract your next question, and this context answers your question. Leaderless mobs have no leaders, so those leaders cannot be targeted, because they don't exist.

Edit: this may pique your interest:


"... nobody can speak for everyone..."


"Freedom" is merely a rhetorical slogan to mobilise unwise youths and the gullible into destabilising current sociopolitical status for the benefit of the ambitious. The so-called protests in Hong Kong has no meaning or purpose other than increasing chaos and destruction. These self-indulgent mob violence only accomplished Hong Kong being economically severed from the international financial system, and thus, more easily controlled politically by Beijing in the future. Without the anti-Xi factions to hamper central government response and provide support for the rioters, these riots would not have lasted for 5 months. These so-called freedom fighters are nothing more than pawns in the political game between communists.

Freedom isn't merely a slogan. It's the actual state of living beings, including people.

The rest of your comment seems factually correct, despite the sincerity of rebels misled by instigators deploying Hegelian Dialectic techniques to incite them to rebellion.

It's unfortunate free people suffer violent oppression anywhere, ever, and I look forward to that happy day when nominal security tech renders political power obsolete.

"Freedom" is nothing more than whim repackaged in pretty sounding abstraction. Western freedom, in which every whim is catered and considered as divine law, results in chaos and death. The muck in Hong Kong deluded themselves into actually believing the nonsense that their fickle whims are some type of divine and physical law. They will have plenty of time and opportunity to reflect on their monumental error regarding the human condition in Hong Kong prisons.

Men have previleges granted them befitting their station and duties; that is the state of human life within a sociocultural matrix. Not everyone wishes, nor are able, to live as hermits in a desert. Freedom drunk societies result in the libertarian paradise of Somalia, Lybia, and Syria. What do you think would have happened to Hong Kong, if these rioters were allowed to exercise their "freedom" unhindered by the police force?

I note that Uighur men are not granted such privileges, yet their Chinese masters grant the wives of Uighur men as possessions of their minions while the Uighur lawful husbands languish as slaves in camps. You cite Libya, Somalia, and Syria, which are not examples of the free civilian people exercising their natural soveriegnty, but of brutal oppression by savages intent on nothing more than the destruction of those nations as violently as possible.

The consequences of submission to overlords revealed in China, in the UK, and everywhere the wealth of natural resources causes nations possessing them to become targets of your acquisitive slavers does not recommend agreeing to serve them. War is their meat, and slavery their drink. It is not the excesses of free men you use as examples, but the lack of freedom and subjection to brutal dictators and violent overlords.

Watch the videos above. Observe the hindering you recommend. Tell me that it's good for people. Let me listen to you lie, again, and again, as you advocate slavery. It reminds me that the price I have paid for my freedom is cheap. It reveals that no matter the price, freedom is a bargain.

How convenient for you to begin the failed state narratives from the middle, as if the failure/decline of central authority and its subversion by the revolutionary elements had nothing to do with the rise of petty warlords. The hells of Somalia, Libya, Syria, etc. are but a direct consequence of central government failure, for which the religion of "freedom" calls. Men need to be governed; without strong central government, men exist in hell of their own creation, not in some libertarian fantasy of "free" civilians exercising "natural sovereignty."

Did the lack of police hinderance during the race riots of 1960s in the "free" 'Murica transform her cities into prosperous, libertarian paradise or devolve them into subsistence ghettos? Allow the muck to "exercise" their base tendencies, and all of civilisation will crumble into dust. The only proven method of stopping riots is mass display and use of force. That the modern world lacks rulers with greater sense of duty to preserve social order, but instead waver and hesitate at the mewling of peasant ethics, is the legacy of populist government.

Indeed the CCP is a cruel, brutal, and obtuse institution that rules 20% of humanity in his merciless, iron fist. It is also true that all ethnic minorities, including the Uighurs, are being exterminated by the Han dominated CCP. As terrible as the CCP may be, at least the institution acts according to its purpose: international communist revolution. Within the sociopolitical sphere of CCP, there exists no other god than the atheist communist ideology. That they exterminate other ideologies and obstacles are but natural and logical consequence. However evil these communist drones may be, at least they are respectable in their adherence to the duty to their god. There is a terrible beauty in such unvarnished evil. What, in contrast, does the West offer other than accumulation of shiny things that clink and meaningless slogans?

"Religious freedom" is a nonsense statement of an atheist that perceives all religion as fantasies of children. Insisting on "religious freedom" upon a society is akin to insisting upon having no measurement standard regarding distance, weight, or height. Religion is mutually exclusive ideology that cannot coexist. Only men so removed from all purpose, meaning, or identity would bandy about such nonsense as freedom and tolerance when regarding ideologies inimical to the central tenets of a sociocultural matrix.

Uighurs are indeed being exterminated, but are their lot any more different from the numberless natives the 'Muricans swept away in their Manifest Destiny? Are they any more pitiable than the millions of natives sentenced to slow-death in the gold mines of South and Central Americas to feed the limitless hunger of Western central banks and consumers? Are they any more worthy than the millions of blacks imported from Africa to die in the plantations of the Americas? The wealth and comfort of the civilised worlds are built upon the bones of those we have killed and enslaved. No one has their hands clean of the blood and muck required to sustain their current lot in life.

Men have killed men from the beginning of time; and men will continue to kill other men into the bright, shiny future about which you constantly preach. Men are born only to die. Duty and obligation give purpose to their lives. Men clinging to "freedom" are merely slaves to their whims and desires; ultimately their deaths bring no meaning.

Thanks for the insight and you're right, I couldn't find any posts on Reddit of what the rioters are doing.

The false equivalencies are strong with this one.

Also here is one that shows multiple scenes, I'm not sure which of those ones are already linked by you

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While people might debate that this series of protests are due to politics or foreign influence, I think that it is fundamentally a result of the decades of widening wealth gap. Now there are simply too many Hong Kong'ers who cannot envision a good future and they feel that they simply have nothing to lose.

This should be a wake-up call for the world to seriously look at the problem of a widening wealth gap. It is a global issue, not just in HK. This can happen in any country or city if the gap between the haves and have-nots get too big

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It actually is happening around the world. Off the top of my head, ongoing, multi-month protests in:


Many of these have a much higher death toll and just as many on the streets if not more but are not really reported

I bet there's a whole bunch more

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong is selected by only 1200 oligarchs - a small circle of pro-Business and pro-Mainland people. The LegCo (Legislative Council) has direct elections of only half of its seats, the rest being given to special (pro-Business, pro-Beijing) interests. We like it this way because it ensure our wages are paid.

Last year Oregon, USA nearly joined @mobbs list. At one point a state Senator told the Governor, who had threatened to send state police to arrest him, 'Send bachelors, and make sure they're heavily armed.'

Sen. Boquist had been a paramilitary, and this was not an idle threat. The Governor backed down, and all is rosewater and hugs now. Not really. The AGW alarmist propaganda encouraged the left to seek carbon taxes that threatened to depopulate rural Oregon, and if they seek to do so again, the political situation in Oregon may well devolve.

I expect this is the situation in more places than it's not today.

My friend @ozraeliavi has just landed in Hong Kong and his reports will be going up on @threespeak so you may want to follow him too.

Thank you, will follow!

Thank you, for sharing these, @acidyo.

When I joined, here, I thought of this platform as idealistic & a space for concerned global citizens who think differently & hope to change the world.

Which is why I’m, especially, dismayed to discover hate being promoted on Steemit by an infamous troublemaker (so as not to say criminal) by the name of: @ tommyrobinson

It saddens me to scroll through his ugly posts, inciting violence and intolerance, at the very least. I don’t know what the procedure is to report an account, but hope you might help me in having his account looked at.

A proud Steemian, Yahia

I'm aware of the user but don't know about his content, just that he uses @threespeak. You're saying he promotes hate? Do you have any examples of what he promotes specifically?

Everything on his blog is hate driven — he’s an infamous white supremacist & Islamophobe. It’s not hard to miss if you just take a look at his posts.

Other platforms have banned him & he’s a criminal. He should not be able to find refuge here and invite violence.

Aren’t there background checks conducted before people sign up?

I hope wannabe overlords and censors like you receive the fruits of your labors soon.

I do not follow @tommyrobinson because he is a Zionazi. I have no interest in censoring him. If reading his posts or listening to him speak cause you harm, the solution has nothing to do with @tommyrobinson. The solution is you not reading his posts or listening to him speak.

If you want to use platforms that censor, please do. Then I won't have to not read your posts or listen to you speak your hate speech here.

Thank you, for recognizing that @tommyrobinson is a Zionazi.

It does not cause me harm, but others who are less informed to hear him spread his lies and hate. By giving him a platform on Steemit, we legitimize his dangerous views...

More importantly, thank you, for emphasizing the importance of kindness -- little else matters _/|\_

Have a good day,

Are you aware that, in the UK, the equating of Jews and Israel with the crimes of Nazi Germany can be construed as a crime?

Yes, Tommy is a strong believer in the right of the Jewish people to a national home in the ancient land of Israel where the Jewish people had their cultural and national coalescence as described in the Hebrew Bible and as demonstrated with countless archeological finds and solid evidence of Jewish Israel such as Jerusalem, Hebron, Schem and many other places.

Fortunately Islamic conquest and Nazi genocide both failed to extinguish the Jewish people. Am Israel Chai. 🇮🇱

"Are you aware that, in the UK, the equating of Jews and Israel with the crimes of Nazi Germany can be construed as a crime?"

When telling the truth is a crime, every honest man is a criminal.

It is not antisemitism to oppose Frankist-Sabbateanism that hides within Judaism, like a coven of Satanists in a church. They allow the blame for their crimes to be levied at Jews, and foment antisemitism because division and strife is their purpose, their coin, their ladder to power.

It is not Judaism Tommy Robinson supports, but Zionism, which has become the most antisemitic force in the world today. Zionism does not seek to attain a Jewish homeland in the ME. It seeks to do so in a way that causes as much hatred and anguish as they can drum up between the sects of the ancient cult that have lost their way in the blazing desert sun, and use this violent conflict to elevate themselves.

The UK has devolved into a totalitarian police state that is little more than a branch of Zionazism. It approaches China with it's surveillance, absurd propaganda, and abuse of it's people.

It's deeply unfortunate, and a perversion of human nature, that after the atrocious suffering the Jewish people have endured, the murderous theocracy that is Israel treates the poor Palestinian people with such cruelty and inhumanity. Sorry, you are too brainwashed to see it, and I'm glad it's becoming more evident to the world:

I and the public know.
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done.
Do evil in return.

Open Letter to Israel

To answer your question @yahiababidi, Steemit is decentralised so anyone can get an account, no one is responsible for background as you can opt to be anonymous on the blockchain. If authors produce content that goes against community guidelines, the community can downvote it so it does not become visible on the chain.

But yes, I know what you mean about Tommy Robinson , he is infamous in UK

Thank you, @livinguktaiwan, for taking the time and the care to answer my question.

I understand that Steemit is decentralized and, as a writer and thinker, fight against censorship. But, I also recognize that the right to free speech ends where hate speech begins and know all too well that words are also actions, and can illicit violence...

It's one thing to be anonymous on the blockchain and another, as you agree with my characterization of Robinson, to post as an infamous personality. Our members, on Steemit, reflect on who we are and our shared values. Thanks, for hearing me out _/|\_

Can you direct me to one hateful and white supremacist thing he has said?

An exact quote would do. Something that can't be interpreted otherwise.

Maybe it's the other way around. In this interview, Imaam Tawhidi has a completely different view of racists. I wonder if he would even give an interview for Tommy Robinson if he thought he was a white supremacist or an islamophobe.

Here is a particularly hateful post, @acidyo:

Again, I'm proud to be a member of Steemit and like to think that, broadly speaking, it reflects our shared values. However, seeing us offering a platform to unsavory and dangerous posts by @tommyrobinson (as well as the likes of @coolstuck and @BrianofLondon) is deeply disturbing and alienating .

As a journalist, if I see that this is not dealt with here, I feel obligated to take this matter outside Steemit, and write about it in newspapers and magazines that publish my work.

So, you are telling us that what he writes in that post is deceitful?

If so, what part of the post is not true?

If it is true, where is the hate and phobia?

Is this somehow on topic?

Here's another one I found... got no words to describe this one except not for the faint of heart:

I have stopped ordering goods made in china because of their Treatment of hong Kong's independence and liberty post british control.

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Can someone tell me why HK is not being set free -- but is being handed over to the chinese communists??

Who made the decision?

HK is part of China now. No one is handing them over.

"Who made the decision?"

The Chinese, both in HK and on the mainland, are making it now, in one sense. In another YOU are deciding not to go free HK from China.

Despite slavery being illegal, the UK decided that a lease treaty for a small part HK meant they had the right to gift the citizens of one of their territories to another country. The lease covered the land but the hand back treated the people as transferable chattels.
Unfortunately, the rights of these people are somewhat protected by am wink-nod law that expires when the current generation of youngsters will be too old to fight. The glorious mainland government has been finding ways to improve this stupid law earlier and guarantee state jobs for the police. If Hong Kong sounds like a great place to raise your children, please consider joining police force.

Savages. Reminds me of being in the Seventh Grade.

I am not thinking that the protesters have a chance in winning the fight because of the obvious reason which is China, it is a very big oppressive communist government @acidyo

All the Hong Kongers know that but if we dont voice now when we still can, sooner or later we will not have a voice at all. When was the last time anyone heard of a protest from inside China?

Please help us expose foreign interference and so called correspondent Michael Yon and his Facebook channel. He says things like many revolutions seemed impossible until they succeeded. All patriots have to do is stay alive to win. His experience is with the Polish Revolution.
Such people are dangerous to the police. You can find him disrespecting our officers on his own live stream.

Sad but true.

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HK does have some chance.

When the American Revolution was fought, the UK was the most powerful military nation in the world.

The UK lost.

The HK protesters chance is to not read Mao's own glorious writings on revolutions, or look at Vietnam, or the US revolution, Ukraine, Poland, Africa or any number of other historical facts and instead embrace new jobs working for the oligarchs of HK until they can transition in to CCP jobs.
For instance, we at the HK Police Farce are recruiting.

I note that sarcasm is difficult to detect on the internet, yet I sense something in your post, a disturbance in the farce.

I shall have to upvote it and see if I feel ridiculed.


The struggle is to free minds, not souls.
Any violence that harms human beings needs to be out of bounds.
Or, we become what we struggle to free ourselves from, rule by force, and fear.

Thanks @Acidyo on behalf of the Hong Kongers for bringing this to global awareness

China and communism both need to fuck off.

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I was wondering for a long time: what do you mean?
I downvoted it just in case it's for real.
And because I'm speechless.

Don't worry, it doesn't affect your payout because there's none, it doesn't affect your reputation because mine is lower.

When all of the mainstream is on the same page, you can be sure they are feeding you bs, @thevil. Any of these events is easy to research online. In this case, I just happen to know someone there.

So 2+2=4 is BS because mainstream seems to agree on that?
Research online your ass.
You are talking about my home.

Your home, Hong Kong, or your home Earth, @thevil?

Hong Kong, the only place on Earth that I used to sleep well.

I encourage you to go down to where the action is happening and see for yourself, @thevil. The office workers of the are seem to be able to go about their business without much difficulty. And then too, this seems to be fading out, so you might not have much more time to investigate.

The Hong Kong workers seem to be able to go about their business because you're probably looking at Central. But even that is not normal. Do you ever expect to see riot police lined up in the CBD of a a major financial center? The MTR closes early in the evening, and ramdomly shuts down whenever the police ask them to. Do you think that's normal and things are fading out?

If you have one friend who works there, then I imagine you are fed one source of second hand information. Try speaking to all your friends and family actually living in HK as a local (if you have any), and try speaking to friends who are actually frontliners, and relatives who are real, not self claimed reporters, working for proper media, and you will see exactly what the real situation is like, and what all this means for the local Hong Kong people.