Only One Egg?

in homesteading •  4 years ago 

Only One Egg!?

I cannot believe it.

Maybe some of you already know that I like going out to check on my ladies.

Yesterday, when I went out to get eggs and put up the chickens, I only got 1 egg.


I was shocked. I came in and said

Guess what Mom. How many eggs do you think we have today?

Mom said


She was way off. I shook my head and she guessed 7. Still off.

I said one. And she couldn't believe it too!

I showed the egg carton to my Dad and he can't believe it either!

I made sure I dug around the nesting boxes. Sometimes the eggs get buried in the hay and pine shavings. But there is only one egg that time.

It's already winter!

That's what my mom said. And I think so too. In the mornings, it's sometimes between 37 and 40 F. Maybe we'll have more snow this winter.

So, my mom needed to make mayonnaise anyway so that one egg became this.

It's really jiggly. Mom makes awesome mayonnaise. We're 6 in the family so one jar of mayonnaise goes fast. Baby sister likes to eat little bites of our sandwich.

Sometimes my Mom would say, "What? I have to make another batch?"

This one looks like ice cream but it's mayonnaise. Doesn't it look yummy?


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Your mom makes beautiful mayo!

Yup, without 14 hrs of 60 watt light a day, hens will slow/stop laying.

Our girls are working girls so we use a light and are still getting 8 - 14 eggs a day for 18 hens. They are 19 months old.

Our new flock is still on the pasture, so they have no light. They are nearly 6 months old and we get about 6 eggs for 24 birds. But they are just starting to lay.

Thank you. I got 6 eggs tonight. Dad and I will work on getting them some light soon so they can still lay eggs during winter.

How delicious @futurefarmers! I hope your mom will do a post about that mayo. It is sad when the hens go off the lay. We are in summer now but half of our hens are sitting on eggs. They are due to hatch tomorrow. So we have almost no eggs. But soon there'll be chickens

I'll post a non-video version of it. I've been really making consistent mayo lately and it's wonderful. Better than store-bought.

Yeay! Baby chicks! We haven't done that - hatch chicks. Soon enough we will when we're set up for more farm animals :)

That'll be excellent. Thanks @lovenfreedom! My mom-in-law makes a delicious salad dressing with egg. It tastes almost like a mayo dressing. Will keep my eyes peeled for your recipe

How do you make mayonnaise? Is it easy to do? Did one egg make that whole jar? That's very neat! What part of the world are you in? We are still experiencing Autumn weather here. It can be a bit cold, but I still crack open a window sometimes, to get some fresh air!

Yes, 1 egg! I'll get a post out and tag you. It's easy.

We're in Oklahoma - cold autumn. I think it's going to feel like winter soon. We open the windows and get cold air come in too :) That's what I like when it gets colder. But we don't do it too long or it'll get really humid inside the house.

There is a quote running around right now for my family and friends in North Carolina. It goes something like this:
North Carolina: "Fall, you comin'?"
Fall: "Yeah, me and Winter's 'bout to pull up now."
Hahaha! I thought that was cute!

I'm in PA. We have Fall (Autumn) weather so far. Thankfully.

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