Let’s Play Outside and Have Fun

in homesteading •  4 years ago 

Yesterday was a great day for all of us futurefarmers - it was the perfect time to play and have fun.

What did we do?

Weee! Swing

We took turns playing on the swing. I swung as high as I can throwing my legs out and folding them back. Throwing my legs out to help me go forward faster and folding my legs back to help me go the other way faster.


I helped my baby sister and brother enjoy the swing too. I pushed them to start swinging. I pushed again and again until I saw them shot up like a rocket!

The clouds covered the bright sun so we were on the shade most of the time. Swinging made us feel cooler. It's like having a fan on your face but you have to move.



Mom actually came out for a short time and brought baby sister with her. She wanted to swing too. Mom had a great time. I don't know about baby sister, she looked like she didn't know what to think about swinging.

Vroom! Truck

We each have our own Tonka dump trucks. We're glad they're metal and strong enough to carry us.

The grass was deep in the chicken run so we drove the Tonkas through the grass and made rows of flattened grass.


That was really fun! We were making a trail and they looked great.

The ladies were outside too while we are playing. They enjoyed eating grass, bugs and worms. They also enjoyed scratching and going to the woods.


When we get tired, we sit on our dump trucks and rest. We have to be careful because if we sit on the wrong spot, we'll get dumped. We know, it happened to us more than once.


Oh wow, my post is getting long now. I'll see you on the next post. Watch out for some cool bug we found.

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