Enjoy Life and Sweat A Little

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Thinnest Bug We've Ever Seen


We spent most of the day outside having fun. On our last post, we swung and played with our dump trucks.

We're the futurefarmers, we think black dirt is beautiful because it has a lot of nutrients for our plants.

Trucks are parked and baby girl are looking for us. One of the ladies are standing by.

While we're playing outside, the chickens were out having fun too. They're pooping everywhere so they will make the dirt better.

We don't even need fertilizer because we have walking fertilizer. We just hope they don't fertilize our dump trucks.

Zoom! Woods Adventure

Every now and then, we left the swing and the Tonkas and just wander in the woods.

It's still inside the chicken run with some trees and rocks. But Dad cleared it enough where we can play and be safe.


We enjoyed walking around, going under limbs and exploring. We found a stick bug and a green bug (for the next post) and picked up little stones.

Here's all of us enjoying outside time. We were all sweating but it was ok.


Time to go in

We had our tick gears on for protection. Mom and Dad were watching and checking on us. We had a blast! We were hungry and wore out. After we ate and cleaned up, we had a great nap.

How was your day?

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That bug !

Why you flagged my post?

Very nice outside fun you seem to have @futurefarmers! I think I can feel the freshness of the woods. You are really lucky to grow with nature surrounding you. Can I ask you to make a post with a picture of those little stones you picked while your walk? I love stones I wish I can see what kind of stones are grown in your area.

And that thinnest bug, I think this bug can go on the surface of water, just like Jesus did.

@futurefarmers, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!

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