Bristle-Looking Green Worm - What's It Called?

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On my last post, I mentioned that we found a hairy worm outside. And we never really figured out what it was.

Is it a caterpillar?

The white hair looks like our dish scrub brush bristles

The chickens were out when we found this worm. I'm curious why they didn't touch it or eat it.

Is it poisonous? Or the chickens just didn't find this worm on the ground? Hmmm. I'm not sure.

Here's a picture from my last post. The chickens just ignored it.

Mom tried to search for this worm online. She tried Google Image Search but it only matched a grass to it. So that's not right.

Then she tried searching for hairy worm. There's a lot of results but all the worms we saw are not close to what we have on the yard.

I was hoping you can help us figure it out.

Those worm-feet look mean. Can you see the points like a scorpion's stinger?

What's cool about being outside? It's cool. Yes. It's cool outside now. AND, it's cool that while we're playing, we're also learning.

Learning Outside With Nature

The other day when we were walking on our trails, we picked up a big acorn. We looked around and we were trying to see what tree can have that big of an acorn?

Then we were walking on the trail close to a creek and we found holes on the ground. Dad said it's crawdad.

Crawdad? I haven't seen a crawdad. What's a crawdad, Dad?

That was a lot of dad. And they were a lot of crawdad holes. Too bad we didn't have pictures of them. Maybe next time.

Back to the worm

So here's another picture of the worm I am talking about. We turned it over to see how it looked like underneath.

See? It's a green worm with white hairy back. And the back has black line on top.


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Thank you Mr. Grafo!

We will watch the video soon. Woooo it looked like a meanie bug just looking at the first image.

Mom and I looked through the caterpillars on the link you gave. The closest one is the Pale Tussock moth caterpillar. But it's not it because the one we saw doesn't have the red hair.

I wonder if the worm we saw is now a caterpillar. Maybe we'll see another worm like it again.

We found it! It's a web worm. Wikipedia had a similar picture that said it's a larva.

Ha ha... what a funny looking creature

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They are. Then if you turn it over there's a part that looks prickly looking.

I see you found it, but be very careful with fuzzy caterpillars. However cute they are, most of them are POISONOUS!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱