Farmer Dave

in homesteading •  3 months ago 

Good evening y'all it's been a busy day... so if you watched today's #themorningbowl you saw that I got seeds.. also that I had shit tons to get done today..

It started off properly with me getting to the Yauco post office shortly after they opened. I got keys to the mailbox and headed off to Puerto Rico's version of City Hall to buy a permit.. #denied Apparently everything here is on a 4 day work week..

No worries I just got back to Hacienda de Verga earlier.. where there is plenty of work to do.. I grabbed a shovel and got started before my motivation wanted..


It's another day of planting fruit trees.. first were the 2 guava trees..



Then there were the 2 starfuit trees I put in the "orchard"



Then was the banana tree.. it didn't handle the wind very well..


Lastly was the other avocado tree.. which I tied to a stick for support..


Time to relax before this concrete contractor gets here.. what better way that with a ice cold beer..


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