Get Out of the Cities! Your Life Depends On It.

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Get out of the cities. Food riots ahead

I have mentioned before that bugging out won't work.

And now i am going to give more reasons why.

Get out of the Cities!

The typical idea of most survivalists is to weather out the storm and go back to their normal life.

There, now, is no normal. This is not even the "new normal."
There won't be a normal for about 50 years.

The rules of the game have completely changed.

The old rules:

  • Go to college
  • Get a good job
  • Buy a nice suburban house in a good school district...

All of that is gone.

Why are McD's workers demanding a living wage?
Because now burger flipper is now a "normal" job.
Not the starting, beginner job it used to be.

The city was where you went to find the jobs.
It was where manufacturing and transport existed.

Now, with The-Rona forcing people to work from home, working from home could be anywhere with an internet connection.

There are no ties left to stay in a city, with its:

  • overpriced housing
  • long commutes
  • living five feet from your neighbor
  • shitty school systems
  • no place to grow a garden
  • bad air, bad water

And now

  • Burn Loot Murder having "peaceful but fiery protests"
  • All small retail stores being closed or holding on by a thread.
  • All smart people leaving (brain drain)
  • Property taxes and income taxes about to be hiked.
  • Police being defunded
  • ...

- - - - - - -

But none of those are the real reasons

If it was just some rioters. If it was just a few democrat governors/mayors. If it was just a virus, then things would go back to normal in a couple years tops.

However, this is not a little disease and upset.
It is a terminal, geopolitical, weather changing, earth changing event.

The borders of nations will be radically different in a decade. Including The US

All coasts will be inundated with storms. (Florida will be completely underwater)

Earthquakes and floods. (We will see the Mississippi cut this nation in two)

Extra long winters and shorter, but brutal summers.

Big Ag has depleted the farmland. Crops will be failing, even without harsh freezes and floods and being suburnt.

The new normal is move to a place where you can survive.

- - - - - - -

In this new normal, you will have to:

Grow your own food, or starve.
This will require a green house.

Children will be taught at home. Forget about the govern-cement schools, you don't need them. There is plenty of resources on-line for help.

Find people you are comfortable with and compatible with. Your neighbors are once again going to become your life lines. No longer can you live not knowing your neighbors.

Become more and more self sufficient.
There are new technologies coming that will make this even better and easier than ever before.

If you are still in a city, one of these places where anger is starting to show its head, then you need to leave. It is not going to get better. It is not going to cool down. It is not going to blow over. This is the start. This is the match lighting the fuse.

- - - - - - -

Here is a great podcast (today on ThemTube) that gives a lot of reasons why and lots of information on how to live a better life, outside the cities.

Jack Spirko of The Suvival Podcast

There is a Better Way to do This - Getting Out of the Cities

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.

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I'm out of the city (never actually lived in a city...) however, this area has no above-ground water except for a brief time after a big rain-- which happens maybe once or twice a year. It's not sustainable for long term human occupation unless the electricity stays on to power well pumps. The aquifer is now too deep for windmills to help much. I stay because my aging parents need more help all the time.

Locally generated electricity will become easier and easier.
A generator will handle a pump.
I have some solar panels in that "state above yours" that would run the pump and a fridge.

Was a good investment.

Have you made any of these things (not remembering the word) basically tiny dams that catch the rain water and collect it so it goes into the ground instead of running off (with all the top soil too)?

Then you plant trees into them.

What is this "rain" of which you speak?

Also, if the aquifer goes dry no pump will help. Many people's wells have dried up over the past several years. Sometimes they can drill them deeper, sometimes that doesn't work.

Its a phenomena that happens every 5020 years, where "water" falls from the sky for 40 days and 40 nights washing all the communists away and clearing the land. ^_^

Water, from the sky... who'da thunk it?