My first post on Hive!

in hive •  3 years ago  (edited)

Interesting times, not just on steem or hive, but the wider world.

I have never lived in such times and it is a bit daunting. I hope we all make it through and there are better times ahead.

Playing around on hive and still can't see my wallet to check if I got the airdrop... hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Anyone else managed to login and use hive yet?

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I don't see this post on Hive,but I see it on Steemit...
You can use this link to see your wallet without loggin here:
Or loggin at with your username and posting key..

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I was also able to get in with peakd

I use

That's SteemPeak's counterpart. @themarkymark made a post about using Keychain. I'm just using PeakLock to get in until the Chrome extension is approved by Google.