[ENG/DEU/ESP] Competition series | I love Steem | Ich liebe Steem | Me gusta Steem

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Please read the rules and comment on other entries

Announcement of the winner Short and Painless | your most beautiful picture & description of the new competition.

New rule - the winner of the previous contest in this case the @suheel-07 decides who wins this contest

Announcement of the winner from this competition will be on 05 December 14 time zone CEST | https://www.timeanddate.de/uhrzeit/ |

The winner from the competition your most beautiful picture? and the only judge in this competition - is - @suheel-07 with his comment These are the best ever pictures i had clicked

Here you will find a small series of competitions that only run for 3 days. Here you don't have to write extra posts, but you can participate in the comment field below the post

Today we're doing a little competition here, where @suheel-07 will determine who wins.

At the request of @greece-lover, the theme of this competition is.

I love Steem

Today I have a special task. Draw, paint or show and however the writing I love Steem. It doesn't matter if you write it on a piece of paper or on the wall of a house. You can stack it with stones on the beach or create a collage on your PC. I'm really looking forward to your contributions

And this time, too, you can do it easily without getting up :)

For this competition (as well as one more per week) @steemchiller will take over the sponsorship and the winner will get a 100% vote ( about 1,5 STU $ !)from him. Thanks a lot for that !

From now on, there will be several small competitions here every week, where you can simply join in in the comments field. I will find some sponsors who will then always reward the winner in the form of a vote. Surely one or the other will get a higher vote

I hope you will enjoy this little competition series and that some of you will take part in it. You are also welcome to suggest a competition, which I will then post here for you.


Bitte die Regeln durchlesen und kommentiert auch andere Beiträge.

Bekanntgabe des Gewinners Kurz und Schmerzlos | dein schönstes Bild & Beschreibung des neuen Wettbewerbs

Neue Regel - der Gewinner dem vorherigen Wettbewerb in diesem Fall der @suheel-07 entscheidet, wer diesen Wettbewerb gewinnt

Bekanntgabe des Gewinners aus diesem Wettbewerb ist am 05. Dezember 14 Uhr Zeitzone MESZ | https://www.timeanddate.de/uhrzeit/ |

Der Gewinner aus dem Wettbewerb dein schönstes Bild? und einziger Juror bei diesem Wettbewerb - ist - @suheel-07 mit seinem Kommentar These are the best ever pictures i had clicked

Hier findet ihr eine kleine Reihe von Wettbewerben die immer nur 3 Tage laufen. Hier müssen auch keine extra Beiträge geschrieben werden, sondern, man kann im Kommentarfeld unter dem Beitrag teilnehmen.

Heute machen wir hier einen kleinen Wettbewerb, in dem @suheel-07 bestimmt, wer gewinnt.

Auf Wunsch von @greece-lover ist das Thema von diesem Wettbewerb

I love Steem

Heute habe ich eine besondere Aufgabe. Zeichnet, malt oder zeigt und wie auch immer den Schriftzug I love Steem. Egal, ob ihr es auf ein Blatt, Papier oder eine Hauswand schreibt. Ihr könnt es mit Steinen am Strand stapeln oder eine Collage am PC erstellen. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf eure Beiträge.

Und auch diesmal geht das locker vom Hocker, ohne aufzustehen :)

Bei diesem Wettbewerb (so wie bei einem weiteren pro Woche) übernimmt @steemchiller die Patenschaft und der Gewinner bekommt ein 100 % Vote ( ca. 1,5 STU $ !)von ihm. Vielen Dank dafür !

Es wird ab jetzt hier jede Woche mehrere kleine Wettbewerbe geben, wo ihr im Kommentarfeld einfach mitmachen könnt. Ich werde einige Sponsoren auftreiben die dann immer in Form von Vote den Gewinner belohnen. Sicherlich wird der ein oder andere dann auch einmal ein höheres Vote bekommen.

Ich hoffe, euch macht diese kleine Wettbewerbsreihe viel Freude und es nehmen auch einige von euch daran Teil. Gerne könnt auch ihr einen Wettbewerb vorschlagen, den ich dann gerne hier für euch einstelle


Por favor, lee las reglas y comenta las otras entradas

Anuncio del ganador Corto e indoloro | tu foto más bonita y descripción del nuevo concurso.

Nueva regla - el ganador del concurso anterior en este caso el @suheel-07 decide quién gana este concurso

El anuncio del ganador de este concurso será el 05 de diciembre 14 zona horaria CEST | https://www.timeanddate.de/uhrzeit/ |

El ganador del concurso "Tu foto más bonita" y el único juez de este concurso es "Suheel-07", con su comentario "Estas son las mejores fotos que he hecho" (https://steemit.com/hive-199722/ Suheel-07/r3e6ma# Suheel-07/r3e6ma)

Aquí encontrará una pequeña serie de concursos que sólo duran 3 días. Aquí no tienes que escribir posts adicionales, pero puedes participar en el campo de comentarios debajo del post

Hoy vamos a hacer un pequeño concurso aquí, donde @suheel-07 determinará quién gana.

A petición de @greece-lover, el tema de este concurso es.

Me encanta Steem

Hoy tengo una tarea especial. Dibujar, pintar o mostrar y como sea la escritura I love Steem. No importa si lo escribes en un papel o en la pared de una casa. Puedes apilarla con piedras en la playa o crear un collage en tu PC. Estoy deseando recibir tus aportaciones

Y esta vez, además, puedes hacerlo fácilmente sin levantarte :)

Para este concurso (así como uno más por semana) @steemchiller se encargará del patrocinio y el ganador obtendrá un voto del 100% (¡aproximadamente 1,5 STU $!) de él. Muchas gracias por ello

A partir de ahora, habrá varios pequeños concursos aquí cada semana, en los que simplemente puedes participar en el campo de comentarios. Encontraré algunos patrocinadores que luego recompensarán siempre al ganador en forma de voto. Seguramente uno u otro obtendrá un mayor número de votos

Espero que disfruten de esta pequeña serie de concursos y que algunos de ustedes participen en ella. También puede proponer un concurso, que yo publicaré aquí para usted.

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Wow 🤩
It looks amazing

art for art sake

This is a great piece of art, I totally like it 😍

hey @sofitufail i choose you as the winner of this compitition for your amazing and exceptional work.



Wow. This is amazing, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. How you did not win is beyond me.

Thank you, retrojane :)) No, no, it's just a cake and biscuits and the measurements of the world aren't right at all because the paper where I copied the world became soft with the cream and the birds aren't white and therefore don't look like doves of peace but more like normal birds, well 🤣and because I couldn't find any letter shapes in any shop, they also failed and became very wide 😂😂
I fully vote that sofitufail is the winner. The many flowers he gathered together, the wonderful idea and conjuring them into such a unique work of art in the meadow, I think was by far more effort and artistic talent and it is a lovely, romantic work of art and has an enchanting look.
But I also wonderfully like your unique enchanting artwork. And a lot of the work here is just top notch. I would have really struggled to pick the winner because every single piece of art is so wonderful.

simple but looking beautiful

Looks simply amazing ☺️

This is really a great idea, it looks beautiful :))


Coole Sache.
I Love.png

Paah, bechibenner, das sieht echt traumhaft aus, bezaubernd 😍

Grüß dich Suntree,
danke dir , war mein erster versuch ich übe noch.

The background makes everything looks great

its very beautiful scene its look like fairy land

Thank you for changing my banner a little.

Everyone joins steem for different reasons but the majority do it because they see the opportunity to make money, I too was the same I joined trying to make money and that was my sole purpose however since then I have changed!.I came for the money but stayed for the community, the sense of community is like nothing else here everyday I see amazing projects starting and people constantly helping each other out and that's what the world is about! Helping each other out.I'm still a very small fish in these waters but that doesn't matter, lots of small fish together have the power of a big fish and that shows how a community works. I am constantly seeing people start projects to help the world and I wish I could get involved with more.

That is very true. I also joined steemit with the aim of making money but with time I realized there is more to that than making money. We learn creative and new ideas on steemit. We also learn new ideas from other people and their cultures and ways of live. I love steem❤️

obviously steemit is way of earning its full of social stuff

thank you



nicee :)


Taking it to the next level and involving nature

appraciated bro keep it up
thanks for your participation

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

@princaSimple and beautiful

Looks super :))

With my buddy bagwis ! #ILoveSteem
steem wek.jpg

something new to see
thank you
i think you are from pakistan

No my friend I am from the Philippines

Very good - the cock loves steem too ! :)

thank you

Haha love it @dembe47


hahha nice one

This really got me laughing. We all love steem including our animal 😂

🐔😄👍👍😂😂 This is the total genius idea, top :))


you do an awesome work thank you

Taking it to the art level. Looks great

The art collage is totally enchanting, exceptionally impressive 🤩


Art to the world ❤️


Its give me feelings of love not for steemit but for.....😀😃😃
may i ask from where you belong @neimar25

Venezuela amigo.

Such beautiful writing and with hearts and a big heart for Steemit 😊


@mukka I love the background you used as Christmas is approaching that’s simply the best

beautuiful art i am a muslim and our religion is islam i am unaware with chrismas how how it was .. but it is beautiful

I am also a Muslim and my religion is islam 😁
But I taught you were rather a Christian when I saw your picture the other time.
You look handsome 😄
Nice meeting you🤝

hehe 😃😃
nice to meet you


Nice idea with Christmas in the background and I love Steem in the red foreground :))


Beautiful writing, irru3 :))


Das ist echt total lieb, biggi 🥰

This is really the best. The background simply makes everything love great.


wonderful work thanks for your entry

Beautifully written, suheel-07 :))

I love steem

wow its awesome can i ask that where is this snow falling ?

The snow has fallen in the Thuringian Forest "Thüringer Wald"

Das sieht toll aus im Schnee geschrieben 😁


its simple but looks beautiful

Great colours and great job :))


I am appraciated your work

Great work :))


looks cute

Gege thanks 😊


Simple and amazing 😻

wow its beautiful keep it up

Very lovely idea 😍

Thank you ❤️


Haha, lovely, the faces in it 🥰

beautiful looks write on blood

It's not perfect, but i tried though 😛

😃😃😃may i ask from where you belong ?? yesterday i check my sister notebook 3rd standard i found same writing lika blocks

I am from Greece 😛 @artist1111

Yes, it's already perfect, it looks totally great :))

Thank you 😊😊 @suntree


twinkle twinkle little star 😃

Great gold stars and gold balls to show love for Steem 🤩

IMG_ 20211204_174129.jpg


Did you fire up the 3d printer - great job!

wonderful work I appraciated

Die schwarzen Buchstaben schauen grandios aus 🤩👍

very beautiful :)

yes yes i know you are the best memers
i am almost visiting your profile
you make me me laugh when i see your post of club5050 memes

I'm glad I could make you smile ;)

look forward
glad !

Awesome 😄


I am apprcating your hardwork its look beautiful and awesome
thank you


Very nice :))

Hi @fun-games .

My entry:


Here is something I created on the PC in a hurry. Not beautiful, but rare :) Of course, I am not taking part in the competition.

yes no doubt its exactly look beautiful

This is really the best. The background simply makes everything love great.

Das schaut echt toll aus, greece-lover 😃


#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

Dieser Wettbewerb wurde in die tägliche Active Contest List aufgenommen.

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 04th Nov 2021 – Win 2350+ STEEM

Folgen Sie und Rvalue für weitere Updates.

I will also always give extra votes to members who comment a lot. The first extra vote goes to @suntree who commented a lot on the entries in the last competition.

Danke 🤗

i choose @sofitufail as the winner of the compitition .


agreed with your winning descision
@sofitufail deserve this



sir by request of''@ harfeeri " steemian i already posted a post in which i choiced him ..
2021 STEEMIT AWARDS NOMINATION covered by @artist1111

My entry..




I love steem/steemit.

Copy of Blue and White Calm Education YouTube Thumbnail(64).jpg