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Hey great steemians how are you i am good. By permission of @fun-games showing my intrust i am going to starting contest weekly .The first time contest will be run one week and ofter that i will announce contest twice in a week so you can participate freely..........


CONTESTselfie with your brother or sister
Siblings is a very important part of human life.Relation with brother or sister is considered as most purest bonding in the world.It is full of love affection and feelings.So our this contest is a selfie contest with having selfie with your brother and sister.

Rules of the contest

  1. At least 20 word of comment
  2. Must subscribe "Steem Fun & Games" community
  3. Any language will be used for the contest but must mention what language you used.
  4. Participants must upvote this contest announcement post
  5. You can also mention your friends to participate this contest. (Not mandatory)
  6. Only one attempt per participant
  7. selfie paste in comment section of this post
1St place8 Steem
2nd place4 Steem
3rd place2 Steem

What everyone was waiting for, THE AWARDS !!

@greece-lover | @seo-boss | @pennsif | @disconnect | @fun-games

Deadline to give your entry is 11 December

I wish you all the best!
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good wishes for your contest


selfie with my brother and friends


selfie with my brother in happy mood
He is my older brother