Mrityunjay Chowdhury: Undoubtedly the best talent in BPL

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In the last ball of Shariful's 19th over, Tamim Iqbal luckily got the boundary over the head of the slip fielder. Minister Dhaka needs 9 runs to win the equation for the last over. Mrityunjay Chowdhury, the best young talent in this tournament, came to do the last over.
Kayes Ahmed was bowled in the first over by a brilliant slower delivery.



Mohammad Naeem Sheikh came to bat on the wicket, which was prepared by BCB and Russell Domingo for about 15 months to open the T20 World Cup. At the other end of the wicket was Tamim Iqbal. He is the best batsman in any format in Bangladesh who has played for the last 15 years. Moreover, Tamim was not out with 72 runs.



In such a situation, it is easy to say that the domination of the Minister-Dhaka is much heavier in the match. No matter how good the young Mrityunjay Chowdhury is in terms of experience, he lags behind these two batsmen by a wide margin. Maintaining nerve pressure in situations where the main

In such a situation, Naeem Sheikh, who was considered to be one of the leaders of the national team in the T20 World Cup, could score only 2 runs off 5 balls. A batsman who has been opening in the national team for 2 years, when the team needed 9 runs from 5 balls, he scored 2 runs from 5 balls. The last ball was a free hit.

The batsman who failed to make a proper hard-hitting shot in the last 5 balls of the innings, again, he is the T20 opener of the national team !

Even though he got only one ball to play in the last over, Tamim Iqbal, who was unbeaten on 72 at the other end of the wicket, could not avoid the responsibility of such a defeat of Minister Dhaka.

But while Naeem Sheikh is gulping in front of Mrityunjay Chowdhury's great line length in front of his eyes, why didn't Tamim try to finish the match by holding the strike as he is such an experienced batsman.

Finally, I must express my gratitude to Mrityunjay Chowdhury. He is undoubtedly the best talent in this tournament. The way he did in the last over, especially in the 5th ball of the innings, when set batsman Tamim Iqbal was hit by an unplayable yorker on the toe, Tamim somehow managed to rotate the strike with a leg-bye. After such a great performance, the selectors of the national team will definitely keep an eye on this 20-year-old bowling all-rounder from Satkhira.

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