Low run doesn't mean bad pitch

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Anamul Haque was on strike in the second over of the innings. As soon as he started batting, the bat slipped on the pitch. At the same time, he roughs up his zone with the spike of his boot. One spike doesn't seem to be enough, so he uses two spikes.
If you notice, in international matches, the batsmen rough up their batting areas in this way. Because they tapped the bat and stood on their own. International match pitches are much harder in many countries. Bounce and carry are good. The pitch nature of some countries is very hard. Bowlers are also seen to be roughing up their landing areas.


At that end, Anamul was facing the ball even before facing this delivery. In other words, he was batting consciously by adjusting his guard and roughness. Sliding the bat before the ball means that Anamul did not expect it.

Today, the pitch in Mirpur seemed a little too hard. The bounce was fairly even, and the carry was good. Even if I took a screenshot that time and the run was low, there was no way to post about it. Because we don’t want to understand anything but run. How much bounce on the pitch? How is the pitch smoothness? Whether the ball is behaving too slowly on the pitch? How much does the ball is carrying. What kind of turn are bowlers getting in any situation? How much does the ball is gripping on the pitch? We don't try to judge these.

Low run means bad pitch! We have to get out of that idea. Batters need to consider the types of approaches and outs. It's easy to notice how much the pitch bounces.

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They do not work in a proper way with their weakness. That is why their development is very slow. Some can't even come back.

You are right about that.