IMPORTANT - New rules for contests - 2022

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Happy 2022 to everyone!!

We really hope this year will be good for everyone, full of joy and happiness.

We would like to announce big news in our community, we are sure will help everyone here on steem.skillhsare, to get more active and increase the quality of the publications, as well as, of course, earning more steem, and SBD.



Contests are a very valuable tool to help quality authors to simulate their creativity, and at the same time to keep the community alive with many active daily users, while giving an extra source of income different from the usual upvotes.
The problem for many users on the steem blockchain, is to actually pay out the prize, both because of lack of resources, or for the fear of losing the club5050 active status. We would like to put our curation trail at active use to overcome these difficulties, and simulate quality users to create quality contests that will lead to quality contents and good reward for everyone.

Our curation trail is rising in value, day by day as many new steem accounts decided to join, and we would like to keep this trend while stimulating the creation of generous and interesting contests, and give out nice prizes both to the contest creators and the authors participants, in the form of good upvotes!


From now on, or at least as long as our curation trail will keep this high value, we would like to use it in order to support the contest creation and the prizes for the winners.

The curation trail will upvote the contest post with 100% power to give the best visibility, and the prices to the winners will be released as 100%, 75% and 50% upvotes from all the trail participants to the first, second winners posts.

We think that like this, we will really involve all the users of the community to create and participate in amazing and quality contests.



In order to create a new contest, you should submit the concept in our discord channel, wait for approval, and then publish your post in our community, just like this you will get the support as described above.

In your post you should clearly state that the first winner will receive 100% upvote from the trail, the second 75% and the third 50%. You should also invite everyone to join the trail to grow together. The contest should be active for 1 week.

We wish to have at most 5 active contests per week.

After 1 week you need to write a contest result post where you will nominate the winners.

Again like this the contests creators will have no issues in paying out the prizes, and they will gain a good reward in a form of a generous upvote from us, as well as the winners, and the community will keep growing by creating good contents and attracting good content creators.


In case of abuse downvotes and bans will come in no time, so please try to be honest in order to have fun and earn with us

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you for information 💕

Great information!
It is really help us to make a contest
Let's join the trail everyone!

Good news for us . Thank you so much.

Hello @steem.skillshare,

Thanks for the great opportunity. 🤗
I would like to create new contests in this community and support the steem skillshare. Since I already post handcraft designs in this community, I would love to create a new competition related to that. ☺️❤

This is really important and good new for us.

Congratulations, your nice post has been upvoted by the steem.skillshare curation trail!
If you wish to join as well our trail and support our community, other users, and earn the curation reward, please check out this post:
steem.skillshare curation trail post


Thank you so much sharing new rules with our community members.

Good news for us.
Welcome to New rules for contests - 2022 of steem skillshare community.

This is a very constructive rule.
Thanks and best wishes for you.

Thank you for information 💕

Ide yang cemerlang untuk meningkatkan keaktifan Kontes dan tentunya Komunitas kita

Very smart way to go about it. Excited to see what contests become available.

Thanks for the information

It's a good idea. I sustain all this 👍👍👍

This is a very nice initiative and support for the community and its member. Great job you are doing. Cheers.

This a great information and I think this would help contest creators as well as the participants or winners