The meaning of number 4 in Numerology

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4 is the number of concreteness, order, precision, solidity, safety and prudence.

When we want to indicate a person with the aforementioned characteristics we say "he is a square person".

The 4 does not like risk, he is a hard worker, prudent and never makes the most of his leg. If there is one thing that worries about 4, it is change. In fact, he is a habitual, attached to his daily rhythms, to routine, he does not want to have surprises, he avoids risky situations.


The 4 corresponds to the letters D M V of the name and surname. If we notice that it appears several times in the numerological picture, we can think that there is a tendency towards rigidity.

This is because the characteristics of 4 that we have described are amplified and the attachment to habits, respect for the rules, meticulousness, the difficulty in changing ways of doing and thinking can only lead to a lack of flexibility.

Let's take an example.
A father with these characteristics is unlikely to give his son money for things he considers futile, such as a vacation, changing the car that is still fine, superfluous clothing. He will say that money is earned with the sweat of the brow and must be set aside for difficult times or to buy solid and lasting things.

We can help a person with excess 4 with Bach flowers. One essence will not be enough, but Rock Water will certainly be a good starting point.

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