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The meaning number 8 is linked to wisdom and inner strength and represents balance, fairness and reward.


From a purely esoteric point of view, the number 8 symbolizes justice, represented by a scale with two plates.

Transposed into the intellect, it rises beyond what is earthly. The number 8 indicates the unknown that follows, perfectly symbolized by the number seven, which encourages the search and discovery of transcendence.

Being an even number, the eight is formed by the female and passive energy. The eight is also the number that symbolizes death, in terms of transition and passage.

The representation of the number eight is also evident in sacred archeology. The number 8, in fact, is universally considered the "defender" number of the cosmic balance.

In Eastern culture, especially that linked to religion, we find temples built on an octagonal base, that is, on the figure that turns the wheel of the very center of the Universe.

Since ancient times, the number 8 has been considered sacred in the land of the rising sun. It represents an immense but at the same time indefinable quantity. The Japanese territory itself was represented by the number 8 since, as we all know, it consists not only of the four major islands, but also of a huge number of islands and islets.

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Number 8 is linked to wisdom and inner strength and represents balance, fairness and reward.

I can use a little more number 8 in my life.

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