Finding a four-leaf clover: why it brings good luck?

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Finding a four-leaf clover is always a bit of a satisfaction. Because coming across something very rare represents a kind of merit, a sign of destiny. How many times, as a child, in the midst of many clovers have you sharpened your eyes to try to identify the lucky one with four leaves! But have you ever wondered where the aura of luck that the four-leaf clover carries with it comes from, and why is it so rare?


The probability of finding a four-leaf clover is quite low, since usually one is found every about 10,000 clovers, and it is for this characteristic rarity that several myths have arisen around it, all linked to the fact that it brings luck to those who can find it. Among the many thousands of "common" siblings.

As we have already said, the four-leaf clover is said to bring good luck precisely because it is so rare. In popular belief, it seems that each leaf carries with it a meaning: hope, faith, luck and love. Therefore, finding one or receiving it as a gift would be a good omen, so much so that according to some traditions, putting one under the pillow brings good dreams.

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