"Experiences and moments with my boss @salifumohammed"

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Hello to my fellow steemians here. It's yet another great week with a contest on board. Well,I want to thank @steem-skillshare community, the leaders in the community especially @lhorgic and everyone who is having a hand in the growth of the community.


It's always a pleasure sharing the experience we get at work places. There are a lot of experiences apprentice get from work places,some experiences are from the bosses, and some are just common sense matter.
Some bosses are very good in training apprentices in their work places.

I am an apprentice in a taylor shop,my master is very kind and straight forward in correcting us. I have been there for about 6 year. I have learned a lot from him and my colleague apprentice in the shop. Some times my boss is quick tempered when we do something wrong. He also reward is sometimes for good work done.

The things I learned from my boss.

My boss thought us to be always truthful to our customers that will bring us more customers, and getting more customers means you will money from your work. Truthfulness is telling what is right no matter what happens.

He thought us to always obey the rules of every institution or company we find ourselves in,no matter how small or difficult the rule is. Obeying rules will make people to also o obey your rules in your work place.

With patience,we don't even have to wait for him to tell us, because we did a lot of things that we should not do,but my boss will always look at us without any punishment.

There are some things we copy from him and some he will tell us in our conversations.
My boss has all the capabilities of being a boss.

Thank you for the time you spent in reading my post I hope you enjoy reading it,I want to invite @lukman1, @titi7 and @ophoto to take part in the contest.

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