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Today I will discuss honey with you. It is a very tasty liquid food. Honey is a very popular and very tasty food for our country and all over the world. If you eat or drink it on an empty stomach every morning, your body's immunity will increase. You will regain all the energy you have lost from the body.

Honey is usually more available in winter. And during this winter more honey is made from mustard flowers. These are very useful even in winter. And playing this honey will make your body feel less cold and acts as a very beneficial to get rid of cold.

If you eat honey regularly to get rid of stomach ailments and stomach problems, you will get the results. Eating honey removes dark spots under the eyes and keeps the body healthy. The black spots on the face are removed and the stomach gets better. If there is stomach disease, it removes the disease from the stomach. And in our Qur'an and Hadith, if honey and blackberries are eaten together, then it is the cure for all diseases except death.


You can do a good business with honey. Because this honey is sold in our area for 800 to 900 rupees per kg. When you nest in different trees. You can make this thing very beautiful by breaking the house. More honey is available in the Sundarbans in Bangladesh. From there you can buy them at wholesale rates of Rs.500 to Rs.600 per kg and you can sell them in our different areas from Rs.800 to Rs.900 and from Rs.1200-1300-1400 depending on the area. So you will gain a lot per kg. If you can do it right, you will have a lot of benefits.


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