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Hello Everyone

Hope you are well by the grace of Allah. I am also good. Today I am going to participate in Steem Skillshare Art Contest. Thanks @enamul17 for arranging this contest.


Used materials :

  • Sketch book
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colour box
  • Black border line pen


First I drew half-half-cut apple. I also drew an apple stem and two seeds. I also drew a seed thst is also cut in half.

Step- 1


Then I drew another piece of apple.It is relatively small in size. But I also drew seed in it.


Step- 2


Finally I drew another whole apple and added a leaf to it.I also drew an apple stem. This is the complete figure.


Step- 3


Then it's time to paint the picture.Here I have used Fiber Castle Oil Pastel.First I colored the half-cut apple.As you can see in the picture.

Step- 4


In step- 5, I coloured the piece of the apple. I used green and yellow green colour for that.

Step- 5

Step- 6

In step-6, I coloured the whole apple. I used green and yellow green colour here, too. I didn’t coloured the leaf in this stage.

Step- 6


Here, I coloured seeds and stems. I used orange and brown colour for stem and seed.


Step- 7


Then I coloured my leaf. I used here 2 colour and blend it by my finger. You can use tissue of cotton for this. It depends on you.



Step- 9

In the last step I used a black border pen in my picture. You can see the difference. Never forget to use border pen in your drawing.

Step- 9

Final Step


Selfie with my art

I am inviting
@rabbani71 and
to participate in this contest.

Thank you
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