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I dedicate this post to my Steemian friends outside Indonesia who are studying the Indonesian language


Understanding a foreign language is a basic skill that everyone in the world should have. Language gives us greater opportunities to know things in different parts of the world. If reading is a window to the world, then understanding language is a way or a tool to open a window to the world.

In Steemit, there are many speakers of various languages. I see a lot of Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, and English users. Like in the scout's community, most of my friends speak Spanish. And when we greet each other on telegram chat, we want to know each other's language. Therefore, I was inspired to write more about the right and fast steps to learn Indonesian for beginners (foreigners).


Limited time and access to language learning are the biggest obstacles that prevent language-lovers from mastering foreign languages in various parts of the world. However, if we have above-average seriousness, limited access is not a barrier to mastering the language of another country.

Indonesian is the national language of Indonesia. It is the 10th most spoken language in the world with 199 million speakers. You can learn Indonesian easily now. I will teach you in simple language so that it is easy for all people to understand.Source

Indonesian pronunciation is easy because it is pronounced according to the sound of the letters. On this occasion, I am for you to make it easier for you to learn Indonesian. Here are five tips as an initial introduction before going any further about learning Indonesian for foreign speakers.


1. Learn and Memorizing Vocabulary
It is the method most often used by everyone who is learning a foreign language. Vocabulary is the ninja's way of mastering language. I learned foreign languages by memorizing two vocabularies every day.


2. learning Daily Phrases
Learn simple expressions first. Like, "Silahkan duduk! (have a sit, please! Tolong Bantu Saya! (Help me please!) and so on.


3. Take an Indonesian course
Currently, there are many online Indonesian language courses for foreign language speakers. You can access the official website which is created to make it easier for foreign speakers to learn Indonesian.


4. Listening to Indonesian music
That's not foreign. Almost all tutors at various language institutions encourage students to listen to songs of the language being studied. In addition to facilitating the pronunciation of vocabulary, songs also train our sense of hearing.

5. find someone who speaks the language we are learning
So many foreign language interlocutors are scattered on various social media sites on the internet. One of them is Emo TV. I often see the Fiki Naki channel on YouTube that often jokes with European girls in their language. He is very proficient in foreign languages on my opinion.

Well, that's the initial introduction before entering the Indonesian language learning material further. I will compile a syllabus in which I will post one discussion each week. Thank you for reading and giving positive comments on my post.

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