#club75 || Power-ups Again 24 SP. I Only Need 350 SP To Achieve My Monthly Target.

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Hi, Steemians friend on Steem Skillshare community. How are you all? Hopefully, you and your family are fine. I am here not too fine.

NoDateDelegation Amount
11-10 January 2022204 SP
211 January 2022242 SP
312-16 January 2022132 SP
417-18 January 2022200 SP
519-21 January 202224 SP
6Total802 SP

On this post, I would like to show you my Commitment to achieve my Monthly target and 25,000 Sp at the end of the year.

Total Power ups .jpg

Today, I did power-ups again at 24 Steem power. I got the amount of Steem from my post reward. I paid some Sbd for some Steem. Then, I do power-ups all of it.

Sp Before Powering ups .jpg

Now I have 10,900 STEEM power in my Steemit wallet. It is mean, I have to going the extra miles to achive my dreams. I believe on my dream. It will become true at the end of the year. I always power ups 100% of my reward since joining club5050. I will become a part of #club100 soon on this month, at 27th of January 2022.

My Steem Power after Powering ups .jpg

I only need 350 Steem power again to achieve my monthly target, 1,250 Sp every month. Its hard for me, but I believe I can get it if Steemit team help me.

Thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 who have given me extraordinary votes so that it makes it easier for me to reach this level.

My Team
@milakz |@daytona475|@the.journal |@lhorgic |@papi.mati |
@atim1234 | @steem.skillshare |@abu78

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Positive energy all the way...I salute your doings..keep powering up

Great info dear. Always at your back, keep the good work going✊

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