#club75 || Power-ups again 122 Steem. My target every month is 1,250 Steem Power (12 months X 1,250 SP = 15,000 SP). Acceleration of dreams to 5x dolphins at the end of the year.

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I did power-ups again to 122 Steem power. I will continue to do power-ups 100% of every reward I receive. I target by the end of this year to have 25,000 Steem Power. It is not an easy thing for me. Without the support of the Steemit team, this dream will only be a dream. To make it easier for me to reach the 5x dolphin by the end of 2022 I have prepared a perfect sera plan.


How do I earn 25,000 SP by the end of this year? I now have 10,000 Steem Power. It means I need another 15,000 Steem power to reach 25,000 Sp. I've devised a surefire strategy to get it. Here is the master plan table that I compiled to get it.


NoMonthsTarget Amount Of Steem Power
1January-April5,000 SP
2May- August5,000 SP
3September-december5,000 SP

My total Steem power now is 10,145 Steem power. It means my journey is still very, very long to get 5x dolphin. I still have a long time to reach it. If I need 15,000 sp. So I need 1,250 Steem every month to reach that level.


Thanks to the Steemit team, especially @steemcurator01 who has fully supported my dreams from dreaming of being a dolphin to dreaming of becoming a double dolphin. And without the support of the Steemit team, 10,000 Sp is impossible for me. Now I'm struggling to join #club100 and realize 25,000 Sp by the end of this year.

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Wow, this is a good example for you to emulate and I hope to become a dolphin very soon.✊🥰

We are glad to hear that
I will help you to achieve dolphin, my team

Thank you so much my dear