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Hello, fellow Steemians. It’s another blessed opportunity granted to us by @lhorgic to share our view on LOVE. And I deem it a great pleasure to share with you my opinion on this great topic. Hope you are doing good as I am. Don’t forget to keep on Steeming.

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In my view. love a sublime affection that exist between two people. It could be homogeneous or heterogeneous. Thus, between a man and a woman or a man and another man, or between a woman and another woman. Please pardon me here; the word love can be between siblings, cousins, nephews, friends, etc. that’s what I mean by homogeneous. Some might think am talking of homosexuality though it also exists.

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Actually, I see love to be in two folds. The one we have for our mothers, fathers, siblings, etc. And the one we have for others who aren’t related to us. Thus, boyfriend and girlfriend stuff. And I know what Mr. @lhorgic means here.

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My question is. Why would you say you love someone and cheat on him/her? Why would you say you love someone and it will not catch one month and breaking up with him/her?
The point I am trying to make is, we have lust and love. Mostly, people confuse the two. And that’s what punishes us in our relationships. Some go into a relationship for materialistic stuff. And some, because of the sublime affection I talked of.
Someone will say he/ she love you and it’s because of sex, and others because they really value you. That is love, but those for sex that is lust. So at times, I generally see ”love” to be fake. Those for our siblings and parents is kind of true.

me and sister.jpegSharing true LOVE with my little sister

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As a human being, you ought to know the difference between the two. When you are truly in love with someone, the emotions and feelings you have for them cannot be estimated. You can’t even close your eyes without sensing them in your mind, and it’s like you can’t do away with them. At some point, you feel like giving them your heart, cause you can’t explain it. It has ever happened to me, and everybody can relate.

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Actually, I intend exhibiting my gratitude and affection to people by sending them text messages and by voice call. Because to me presenting gifts is such surprises only if they truly from the heart. Like the way I sent my text messages.

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Actually, I didn’t celebrate the Valentine’s Day that much. Because am in school, so I had some feast with my roommates.

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Thank you very much @lhorgic and to the honorable admins and members of this great community of #Steem-Skillshare. I really appreciate it. Kudos.
And I invite @pandev, @med.habib, and @sixson to kindly partake in this contest.

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Explained the meaning of love in many beautiful ways. True love means great affection between two people.