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Hello lovely fellow Steemians of #Steem-Skillshare. I deem it a great pleasure sharing with you educative and beneficial last night discord meeting was. Hope you are doing good as I am. And I will entreat each and every one of us to try our possible best and join the meeting next time, though the number wasn’t encouraging but it was ok. And would love to say a big thank you @abu78 for the good work he did yesterday. He really enlightened lot of things to me.
This is how my meeting went;

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I found a lot of challenges joining the meeting because it was my first time having such a wonderful thing. Though I downloaded the app some weeks ago. I spent almost 10 minutes wondering about how to hear them. So, I text @abu78 to help me out. He told me to click on the menu bar, and select English audio. It took me another time till I found it. I joined, but they were already far gone. He asked me to introduce myself; I told them am a Ghanaian, and I join the Blockchain in October 2021. So he then briefed me on what transpired already, though it wasn’t plenty, and asked me if I had any questions. He briefed on how we can support the community, thus the curation trail and delegation. Though I told him I have already delegated to the community. How the community work, thus stuffs to be posted in the community.

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He further educated* us on how the community curation works, thus from curator 4-8. The tags you are supposed to use to get their attention. And one thing he again told us was about the crypto academy curators. That in order for us to differentiate our posts from the crypto academy itself, we should use crypto as our tag in Steem-Skillsharew.

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He then moved to the next agenda, which was plagiarism, the consequences of catching one post as plagiarized post. It’s really bad, and we need to eschew it.
We really discussed a lot, and he then asked to share our opinions and questions; I asked whether it’s necessary to delegate or join the *curation trail before one can get support from the community. Cause it seems so. He addressed it, and told me the most important thing is joining the clubs, thus 5050, 75, and 100. Participating in the community; thus, commenting and upvoting on others posts and participating in contests and others. It was very educative.

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We asked a lot of questions and suggestions. He even enlightens us on how the moderators work and other stuff. I will really entreat us to participate and help grow the community. Cause the name alone entails a lot. All kinds of skills can be shared there; be it technology, arts, finance and business, cryptocurrency, any kind of skills.

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I really appreciate what @abu78 did it portrays a lot of him. And thanks to my colleagues who spaced us some of their busy schedules to join us at the meeting. Kudos.
This is what I can say about the 2nd edition of the discord meeting. Cause a lot transpired. Thanks for the time and attention. I really appreciate it.

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Thanks so much for joining us yesternight. I am really grateful and I hope that you can put what we discussed into practice. Steem On!!!

Thank you

Kindly go through your work and make editing for most of your words that are mistakenly written. Thank you.


Dear brother, I am very happy to read your feelings about the first DISCORD MEETING. I hope you will continue to attend all our meetings in the future. Many, many good wishes for you.

Thank you.