Skillshare - Simple no cooking RIBS

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With this post I would like to show you how the raw materials is very important while cooking, and how even without special techniques or fancy marination.

Here my un-marinated, unprepared ribs in the oven, with potatoes, as well not marinated.


1 hour in the oven and serve everything, if potatoes will be a bit row, just let them stay in the oven for 10 or 15 minutes more, and that's it, simple, delicious and fancy in my opinion.

So in this case the only thing is the ingredients, but not just in this case, if you really love to cook, and to taste delicious food you really need to pay attentions on the raw materials.

If you wish to invite someone, it is better to cook something simple but with really prime materials that something fancy but with cheat ingredients.

It's really fundamental to know your territory, and be able to choice the best shops for the best ingredients, just forget about big supermarket chains, and focus on small local shops for the best quality.

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I love how you teach us about the food. Do you think we can organise bbq contest?

Sorry for late reply, and yeah I think it is possible